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PPBParts per Billion
PPBPetunia Pickle Bottom (designer baby products)
PPBParty Political Broadcast
PPBPlanning, Programming, & Budgeting
PPBPotassium Phosphate Buffer
PPBPublic Procurement Board (various nations)
PPBPounds Per Barrel
PPBPhysical Plant Building
PPBprogetto preliminare di bilancio
PPBPerlis Plantations Berhad
PPBProprietary Positioning Business
PPBPostpolypectomy Bleeding
PPBProvisioning Parts Breakdown
PPBPartido Progressita Brasileiro (Progressist Party - Brazil)
PPBPotato Peel Bandage
PPBPower Plant Bulletin
PPBParks Planning Board
PPBProtección de cada Buque de la Compañía
PPBProject Performance Baseline
PPBPrimary Place of Business
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When a PPB tumor is detected at its earliest stage, as in this case, and is treated by surgery and sometimes chemotherapy, patients have a survival rate of more than 90-percent.
Toulene, the chemical that may carry the biggest risk to wildlife, has a threshold level of 120 ppb for wildlife - or about 5 times the sample amount taken Friday.
MOVE FORWARD, MOVE BACK In 1977, the standard was revised upward to 125 ppb because the single study upon which the original 85 ppb standard was based was discredited by the EPA.
5 times that in fish from lakes containing at least 18 ppb copper.
If the state adopts 6 ppb as a standard, it could go into effect next year.
1 ppb inducing gonadal abnormalities and hermaphroditism in leopard frogs (Rana pipiens) and African clawed frogs (Xenopus laevis) (Cart et al.
Silver results range from 39 ppb Ag to greater than 100,000 ppb Ag.
In other words, an action level of 15 parts per billion doesn't mean that water with 14 ppb or 13 ppb of lead is safe.
The new standard arbitrarily reduced the permissible level of arsenic to 10 ppb.
If passed, the acceptable level of atrazine could rise from three parts per billion (ppb) to as high as 12 ppb.
Rinks that use propane-powered machines averaged 248 ppb, compared with 54 ppb for rinks with gas-powered machines, and 30 ppb for electric machines.
PINK SHEETS:HPGI), a gold exploration, property acquisition and mining development company, is pleased to announce initial stream sediment sampling results at its South American property in Suriname, which point to a number of gold anomalies with individual sample values up to 25,000 ppb gold.