PPBIPacific Premier Bancorp, Inc. (Costa Mesa, CA)
PPBIPekan Produk Budaya Indonesia (Indonesian: Indonesia Cultural Products Week)
PPBIPerkumpulan Penggemar Bonsai Indonesia (Indonesian: Indonesian Bonsai Enthusiasts Society)
PPBIPost Programming Burn-In (device testing)
PPBIPerceived Parent Behavior Inventory (student study)
PPBIPermutation-Polynomial-Based Interleaver
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PPBI lets customers out to work for a period on its own shopfloor--putting into practice the theory stuff in the real lean factory that PPES operates.
PPBI was started "by accident", says Tony Hague, Power Panels' managing director.
DSG is now using PPBI to deliver the basic course on health and safety, environment, Five S and visual controls at the Power Panels plant, and is moving on to the more demanding courses to be based at Donnington.
Consequently, separate ANOVAs were conducted to determine the effect of gender and age on each of the PPBI scales.
For the three scales and the sum of the three scales, the PPBI scores are higher for girls than for boys (STCT, F(1, 221) = 7.
In connection with the proposed acquisition of FAB, Pacific Premier filed a registration statement on Form S-4 (the "Registration Statement") with the SEC, which contains a proxy statement of FAB and a prospectus of PPBI (collectively, the "proxy statement/prospectus").
The consideration consisted of 50% cash and 50% PPBI common stock.
The equity purchase price is estimated to be approximately USD 16, with 50% of the consideration to be paid in cash and 50% to be paid in PPBI common stock.