PPBNPendidikan Pendahuluan Bela Negara (Indonesian: Martial State Education Introduction; Indonesian Air Force)
PPBNPusat Produksi Bersih Nasional (Indonesian: National Cleaner Production Center)
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In order to get the detailed surface stoichiometry of PPBN films, high-resolution XPS spectra of C 1s and N 1s were evaluated and are shown in Fig.
The morphology of the PPBN films deposited on Ca[F.
The third-order optical nonlinearity of a PPBN film was measured by subpicosecond time-resolved optical Kerr effect at the wavelength of 647 rim.
FT-IR, UV-vis, XPS and on-line MS studies revealed that a large [pi]-conjugated system has been formed in the PPBN thin films, and the polymerization of benzonitrile monomer took place mainly through the opening of carbon-nitrogen triple bonds by the free radical polymerization process.
In the case of higher discharge powers, some obvious folds were formed on the surface of PPBN films owing to the higher film deposition rate.