PPBSPlanning, Programming, & Budgeting System (US DoD)
PPBSPostprandial Blood Sugar
PPBSProgram Planning and Budgeting System
PPBSPredictive Parallel Branch Slicer
PPBSPartially Polarizing Beam Splitter
PPBSPostpartum Parenting Behavior Scale (maternal behavior)
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A Tory spokesman said he was happy with the deal but added: "We thought PPBs could have gone, subject to conditions."
And unless the bureaucrats and the Congress buy in (remember PPBS), this could all be a waste of time.
41.50 [+ or -] 11.91 45.60 [+ or -] 12.99 Age Group 94 (87.04%) 72 (65.45%) (30-60 years) Male patients 87 (80.55%) 90 (81.81%) Female patients 21 (19.44%) 20 (18.18%) BMI - <18.5 21 (64%) 42 (57%) 18.5 - 24.99 10 (31%) 28 (37%) >25 2 (5%) 05 (06%) FBS 176.27 [+ or -] 22.40 164.63 [+ or -] 10.00 PPBS 230.18 [+ or -] 33.87 205.42 [+ or -] 46.64 HbA1C 11.1152 [+ or -] 1.3271 9.6579 [+ or -] 1.7179 Diabetes Mellitus 33 (30.60%) 19 (17.30%) Characteristics P Mean Age and S.D.
But if you're trapped in front of these telly debates while the propaganda billed as PPBs swamps the airwaves, ask yourself one crucial question: How do you know when politicians are lying?
Performance Budgeting, Program Budgeting, and PPBS all were systems originally oriented toward national defense and the Department of Defense.
Prior to the PPBS, there was no integrated central process within DoD for systematically consolidating, reviewing, and analyzing service programs.
Reformers laud the miracles that may be achieved by reform, whether it be PPBS, management and budgeting by objectives, zero-based budgeting, program-based performance budgeting, deficit control rules, "no-fault" budgeting, service effort and accomplishments budgeting, or whatever is current.
Males and females between 40 and 70 years with Type-2 diabetes already on treatment but with uncontrolled blood sugars, i.e., (fasting blood sugar [FBS] >126 mg/dl and postprandial blood sugar (PPBS) >200 mg/dl) with hypertension and on treatment with angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors were included in the study.
Postprandial blood glucose (PPBS) varied from 87 to 384 mg/dL with an average of 149.5 [+ or -] 36.1 mg/dL.
Project Description : This project aims to strengthen the capacity of local actors on the PPBS chain locally.
(2) One such innovation, the Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System (PPBS), quickly became the centerpiece of McNamara's management system.
To summarize in this study statistically significant relationship was found between incidence of NAFLD and with increase in weight, BMI, waist circumference, waist-hip ratio, FBS levels, PPBS level, HbA1c levels, triglycerides levels.