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My Cambodian assistant has made a survey among 92 alumni from PPBS, and 45 percent replied that they were facing a financial crisis, unable to support themselves or their families.
As originally envisioned, planning within the PPBS was to be a comparative analysis of the projected costs and effectiveness of feasible alternatives.
PPBS [advanced version of the strategic planning system], analysis of programs, differentiated analysis", (ANSOFF, DECLERCK AND HAYES.
The effectiveness of PPBS is oversold, narrow, and often misrepresented.
Within the A-Staff, planning and programming elements of PPBS are led by the A-5 Plans and Programs team.
One can trace the relative adjustments made to the Air Force's S&T budgets for fiscal years 2000 (FY00), FY01, and FY02 during the PPBS process from 1997 through 2002 (fig.
It also is our intent, as we go through the PPBS process and working with the Congress, to equip this future CAS force with the STOVL variant of the F-35, with an emphasis on STOL.
Indeed, PPBS (Planning, Programming and Budgeting System), as it was known, derived from the Defense Department model evolved in response to military procurement and manpower needs during the Vietnam War epoch.
CACI's PPBS experience also includes support at the major military command level, for example building and maintaining a PPBS subsystem called RM-Online for the Army Materiel Command.
But even before they understand the definitions of PPBS or PPBES, they understand full y that it means money and the staff of life for the military services.
From PPBS to the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978, it was simply assumed that the agency costs of process constraints associated with full implementation of the proposed reforms were trivial in either absolute terms or in comparison with the assumed benefits of tighter executive control.
The PPBS had a certain credibility in the past when the bipolar competition between the U.