PPBSPlanning, Programming, & Budgeting System (US DoD)
PPBSPostprandial Blood Sugar
PPBSProgram Planning and Budgeting System
PPBSPredictive Parallel Branch Slicer
PPBSPartially Polarizing Beam Splitter
PPBSPostpartum Parenting Behavior Scale (maternal behavior)
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In May 2003, the Deputy Secretary of Defense signed Management Initiative Decision 913, which changed the PPBS system to make it more responsive to the new requirements generation and acquisition systems.
Uncontrolled diabetes in the form of higher FBS and PPBS is associated with microalbuminuria.
In the study among 180 diabetic patients, Quality of Life based on four domains physical, psychological, social and environmental was assessed with respect to quantitative variables like age, anthropometric parameters (BMI, waist hip ratio, waist circumference), lipid parameters (Total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL and HDL) and blood sugar parameters (FBS, PPBS and HbA1c).
Table-1: Mean values of Various Parameters in Different BMI Classes BMI Classes SBP DBP FBS PPBS mm/Hg mm/Hg mg/dl mg/dl Normal Weight 122.
The FBS (183 mg%) and PPBS (252 mg%) levels in the present study are significantly lower, which is comparable to study by Khaliq et al [2] (2001) showed the mean FBS of 203 [+ or -] 51 and mean PPBS of 261 [+ or -] 56.
Diabetes in young age should be controlled stringently, like FBS between 90-130mg/dl and 2hr PPBS less than 140mg/dl.