PPBVPart Per Billion by Volume
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A week later it had risen to 7 ppbv; a month later it was still 7 ppbv.
Para los 6 compuestos aromaticos se recupera un promedio del 68 % de las 2 ppbv certificadas.
Assuming a low concentration threshold of 25 ppbv and taking into consideration recently enacted legislation to control zone precursors, an estimated 191,000 deaths would be avoided globally (0.
They found that 60,000 years ago, methane was present at around 500 ppbv.
In the lower Fraser Valley, ozone concentrations exceeded the 82 ppbv target as often as 39 hours per year with peak levels as high as 200 ppbv.
Organic trace gases such as carbonyls, alcohols, aldehydes, BTX-compounds and many others are monitored within seconds with a detection limit of 1 ppbv.