PPCBPunjab Pollution Control Board (India)
PPCBProfessional Psychologist Certification Board (Northamerican Association of Masters in Psychology)
PPCBPrattville Pops Community Band (Prattille, AL)
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To further investigate the influence of the nylon phase on the distribution of CB particles in the PPCB layers, the dependence of electrical resistivity on the measuring temperature was compared between the 512-layer PPCB/PP and PPCB/PPPA (10 wt% PA6 in PPPA layers) systems.
Figure 5 shows the SEM image of a 16-layer PPCB/PPPA sample containing 8 wt% CB in the PPCB layers and 10 wt% PA6 in the PPPA layers.
6, the interfaces of the multilayer composites with 10 wt% PA 6 in the PPPA layers and 8 wt% CB in the PPCB layers were examined.
The effect of the nylon phase on the migration of CB could also be evaluated by comparing the nonisothermal crystalline curves of PA6 in the PPCB/PPPA multilayer system containing 8 wt% CB in the PPCB layers and 10 wt% PA6 in the PPPA layers.
CIDA's policy capacity building through PPCB might well have remained at this level were it not for Yushchenko's surprise appointment as prime minister in December 1999.
The origin of the policy units project can be found in a seminar organized by Krawchenko and delivered by Canadian PPCB university and consulting experts at the International Centre for Policy Studies (ICPS), (2) a Soros- funded think tank on 31 May 2000.
In fact, it became apparent immediately that PPCB would have to move quickly to keep pace with the government's aspirations for building its policy capacity.
He felt the results of the tests carried out by the PPCB were not credible as the samples were collected during the rains.
Babu Ram, member secretary of the PPCB, however, said they were taking measures to ensure sewage was not discharged into water sources without treatment.
3) was used to mix PA6 and PPCB compound and to produce various morphological forms, such as lamella, fibrils, and droplets.
PPCB pellets were placed in the narrow space between two rotors, and the rest of the chamber was filled with PA6 pellets.
6a), the PPCB phase formed a continuous network of lamellas and high aspect ratio fibrils in the direction of shear flow, as shown by the arrows in Fig.