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PPCCPikes Peak Community College
PPCCPaïsos Catalans (Catalan Countries)
PPCCPan Pacific Computer Center, Inc. (Philippines)
PPCCPolymer Portland Cement Concrete
PPCCPacific Palisades Community Council
PPCCPre-Paid Calling Card
PPCCParticles Per Cubic Centimeter
PPCCPeak-Power-Constrained Channel
PPCCProduction Price Commitment Curve (acquisition strategy)
PPCCPay Plan Consultation Committee (SEIU)
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The re-organized PPCC will monitor the prices of basic and prime commodities being sold in the province especially during times of calamities or state of emergencies for the protection of consumers as it is the concern of the provincial government to provide protection to consumers against hoarding, profiteering and cartels with respect to the supply, distribution, marketing and pricing of said goods during the periods of calamity, emergency, widespread illegal price manipulation and other similar practices.
With the help of a PPCC counselor, she began the long process of psychological healing.
Kanwar Mohammad Javed Iqbal, Convener, Adhoc Committee, maintained that it has produced an excellent outcome in the form of PPCC Charter, in the shortest possible time through its extraordinary efforts only in six weeks
The committee also approved the governing structure of PPCC comprising a steering committee and four working groups.
Es demasiado temprana todavia la fecha de 1927 para asegurar que en su rechazo a la bolchevizacion de los PPCC, Penelon se habia opuesto al centralismo verticalista y la muerte de la democracia interna que habrian de caracterizar a los partidos stalinizados en los anos siguientes (83).
Las presiones centrifugas no procedieron solo de algunos PPCC en el poder que ya en los anos anteriores, como el rumano, habian ido distanciandose del Kremlin reivindicando una mayor autonomia o, como el chino, habian llegado a la ruptura y a un enfrentamiento aspero con Moscu (3): desde finales de los sesenta fueron tomando cuerpo tambien en Europa occidental, y tuvieron al Partido Comunista de Espana (PCE) como uno de sus principales artifices.
Despite notable development during the reform period, particularly at the local level, the policy role of the PC and PPCC remains marginal and subordinate to the party-state.
While the PPCC took great care to attempt to get high quality data, there are nevertheless some missing observations in the data.
Como en el caso del proyecto eurocomunista, no hubo una sola causa, sino una serie de factores que determinaron el fin del PCE eurocomunista, algunos de ellos comunes a los otros PPCC eurocomunistas.
Unity One, Cease Fire, Street Positve, PPCC, Project Impact, Steps 2 Success, Watts/Willowbrook Boys and Girls Club, L.
According to PPCC (2006), "Electronic waste is an unwanted electronic or electrical appliance that have been discarded by their original users such as old and outdated computers, laptops, televisions, cellular phones, Mp3 players, telecommunications equipments, keyboards, mouse, photocopiers, typewriters etc".
Despite the ministry's standard, the average TLV count was 289 to 354 PPCC in 20 mines.