PPCIPrimary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
PPCIPersatuan Penyandang Cacat Indonesia (Malay: Association of Disabled Persons Indonesia)
PPCIPresentation Protocol Control Information
PPCIPediatric Pain Coping Inventory (Waldron/Varni questionnaire)
PPCIProtex Protective Coatings International, Inc.
PPCIProfunda Popliteal Collateral Index (vascular medicine)
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As a general guide, STEMI patients presenting to PCI-capable facilities should be offered PPCI (preferably within 60 minutes).
The infarction location, ventricular fibrillation caused by the AMI, Killip classification, and urgent revascularization (including thrombolysis, PPCI, and CABG) were recorded and analyzed.
Use of radial approach is estimated to be around 10% of PPCI worldwide and is rapidly increasing.
This study aimed to predict GP IIb/IIIa need by providing a simple and quick determination of the relationship between TIMI flow and TIMI risk index, BNP and hs-CRP for risk assessment in acute STEMI cases who underwent PPCI procedure.
PPCI algorithm for mining temporal association rules in large database, International Journal of information and Knowledge.
Conclusion: PPCI therapy successfully maintained achieved Hb and iron parameters while allowing a small progressive reduction in EPO dose, compared to RPIB therapy, without the risk of iron overload.
When delivered in a timely fashion, PPCI reduces early death, reinfarction and stroke compared to pharmacological reperfusion by fibrinolysis.
Conclusion: Our study has shown that PPCI is feasible with good outcomes (High success rate with low mortality rates) in our set up.
10 Another study from Nepal showed in-hospital mortality of 50 Percent in shock patients undergoing PPCI.
PPCI (primary percutaneous coronary intervention) is the next step from the clot-busting drugs that have saved many lives since they were introduced in the 1980s.