PPCLPyrites, Phosphates and Chemicals, Ltd. (India)
PPCLPowers Process Control Language
PPCLProcess Plant Computing Limited (UK)
PPCLPreliminary Protective Concentration Limits
PPCLPacific Property Company Limited
PPCLPrioritization Phase Contention Level
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PPCL and IPGCL have written to the Delhi government that they will be bound to stop power generation from August 15 on account of heavy outstanding against a power distribution company ( BSES).
Robin Brooks, Managing Director of PPCL says: "We're seeing new markets for our unique product suite develop and are extending our focus into the Middle East.
Formerly Curvaceous Software Limited, PPCL improves the business efficiency of process plants worldwide, through research, development and delivery of applications based on its unique Geometric Process Control (GPC) technology.
Following the agreement, MCC will license its production technology to PPCL on the production of BPA (150KT per year).
PPCL receives revenue from the sale of condensate which was produced at an average rate of during 2009 of 1600 barrels per day (net Dana Gas share).
During the year, work progressed with construction of the LPG plant at Khor Mor which will enable production to increase to 300 mmscfd in 2010, with the increased condensate production and LPG that will be extracted from the gas stream considerably increasing revenue to PPCL.
In May 2009 the extent and value of these fields was demonstrated by the fact that OMV, the Austrian oil and gas company, and the Hungarian oil and gas company, MOL, each purchased a 5 per cent interest in PPCL from Dana Gas in exchange for $175 million in cash, and MOL shares to the value of $175 million respectively.
com)-- PPCL, formerly Curvaceous Software Limited, the award-winning British technology company, is delighted to announce that Endpoint Solutions Inc is PPCL's latest partner focused on the hi-tech semiconductor and solar manufacturing industries.
com)-- Curvaceous Software Limited (Curvaceous), the award-winning British company, has today re-branded as PPCL to support its global expansion in both North America and Asia.
Curvaceous and C-Visual are wholly owned subsidiaries of Process Plant Computing Limited and PPCL was selected as the name to best represent the company moving forward while reflecting its heritage.