PPCLIPassport Command Line Interface (Nortel Networks)
PPCLIPrincess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
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The Imjin Classic hockey game, an annual tradition in Canada since 2013, is inspired by the games played on the frozen Imjin River in 1952 and 1953 between the PPCLI and R22eR during the Korean War.
The PPCLI Foundation was founded to ensure that legacy of our proud military history lives on in future generations.
On the positive side, the 3 PPCLI brought unique capabilities that contributed to mission success.
Currently employed as the Officer Commanding of Bravo Company, a mechanized infantry rifle company, Braybrook was the only female infantry officer with the 1st Battalion, PPCLI until the recent addition of a female platoon commander.
The Military Museums Foundation and the PPCLI Foundation both are dedicated to enlightening Canadians, particularly youth, about the impact of military events like the Battle of the Somme on Canada's development, the sacrifices taken by Canadians and allies in the defense of our nation and freedom, and the importance of military security - now and in the future.
In that very week, there was another story (all but unreported, except by the National Post) about a quintet of PPCLI snipers to whom the United States government wished to award Bronze Stars because they were so impressively lethal at, er, killing the enemy.
The place to begin is Volume II of the Regimental History of the PPCLI.
I arrived in Kandahar early in January 2002, shortly after it was announced that a 3 PPCLI task force would be attached to the United States 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) to relieve the Marines who had captured the airfield.
com)-- In commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, the Military Museums Foundation and the PPCLI Foundation are co-hosting a Gala Memorial Dinner at the The Military Museums on Saturday, September 24, 2016.
Such was the case in the 1993 when soldiers from 2 PPCLI returned fire in the Medak Pocket.
1952: Most historians are familiar with the story of the defence of Kapyong by the PPCLI and Australians during the Korean War.
Dropped into second place, with a range of 2,475 metres, is British sniper Corporal of Horse Craig Harrison of the Blues and Royals, followed by Canadians CpI Rob Furlong at 2,430, and MCpI Arron Perry at 2,310, both of 3 PPCLI.