PPCLIPassport Command Line Interface (Nortel Networks)
PPCLIPrincess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
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On the positive side, the 3 PPCLI brought unique capabilities that contributed to mission success.
A search of Tuckett's online social media profile revealed multiple images of him in both the CADPAT uniform he was arrested with, as well as a PPCLI dress uniform, complete with medals.
On July 25, 2006, Israeli bombs killed PPCLI Major Paeta "Wolff" Hess-von Kruedener in Lebanon.
Expanding upon this theme and in recognition of 2013 being the Year of the Korean War Veteran, a tribute to the wartime game was staged last year with a friendly match between a PPCLI squad and a team of parliamentarians on the frozen Rideau Canal in downtown Ottawa.
This year's game fell on the 100th anniversary of the PPCLI and the Van Doos, so it was fitting that they formed the opposition in the good-natured game.
About 50 members of the 2nd Battalion will run through selected cities and towns throughout the trek to follow in the footsteps of the PPCLI Originals, who made this same journey in 1914.
Also, potentially of note to readers, Ottawa will be hosting free commemorative events to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the PPCLI and the Royal 22nd Regiment.
Caption: Embedded with the soldiers of 2 PPCLI in Croatia in 1993, Katherine Taylor witnessed first-hand the fighting between the Serbs and Croats.
In Korea, he was a PPCLI P1 commander and the battalion field quartermaster.
Answers to the trivia questions on page 69: (1) Four: The RCR, R22eR, Toronto Scottish and PPCLI.
He served with the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, or PPCLI, and was operations sergeant for the special service force.
7) Together with 2 PPCLI and 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regimen they were awarded a U.