PPCMPlus Petit Commun Multiple (mathematics)
PPCMPerimeter Portal Continuous Monitoring
PPCMPacked Pulse Code Modulation (lossless compression used for audio stream of DVD-Audio format)
PPCMPeripartum Cardiomyopathy
PPCMPumped Phase Conjugate Mirror
PPCMPay-per-Click Marketing (internet advertising)
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In the end, all three sets of tests confirmed their first finding: Women with PPCM in the study were about two-and-a-half times more likely than healthy women to carry the genetic mutation.
Key MRI findings for PPCM include global depressed function and a nonvascular territory pattern of DHE (as seen with other inflammatory car-diomyopathies).
The diagnostic criteria of PPCM are based upon the clinical presentation and echocardiography (16).
Treatment of PPCM is similar to that of other forms of congestive heart failure.
The prognosis for women with PPCM appears to depend on the normalization of left ventricular size and function within six months after delivery.
Persistence of cardiac dysfunction 6-12 months after the initial diagnosis of PPCM usually indicates an irreversible problem and almost always represents an absolute contraindication to a subsequent pregnancy.
Now, we consider parts as original set of variables and correlation matrix, PPCM showing the correlation between each pair of parts.
p]} are corresponding eigen vectors of matrix PPCM.
Step 5--From Part Part correlation Matrix, PPCM as described in section 3.
The court considered that the absence of a full-time PPCM, with no hope of promotion and no effective fear of removal and who was not subject to report on his judicial decision-making, deprived Royal Navy courts martial of an important contribution to the independence of an otherwise ad hoc tribunal.
PPCM is a serious, rare and unique condition suffered by pregnant women.
In cases of PPCM, the mother's heart muscle becomes weakened and often enlarges.