PPCMPeripartum Cardiomyopathy
PPCMPixels per Centimeter (computer images)
PPCMPlus Petit Commun Multiple (mathematics)
PPCMPumped Phase Conjugate Mirror
PPCMPay-per-Click Marketing (internet advertising)
PPCMPacked Pulse Code Modulation (lossless compression used for audio stream of DVD-Audio format)
PPCMPerimeter Portal Continuous Monitoring
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The researchers looked at the genes of 172 women diagnosed with PPCM.
The risk of subsequent pregnancy depends on the recovery of heart function after the diagnosis of PPCM.
These discrepancies may reflect the differences in the incidence of PPCM between ethnic groups and geographical regions, as well as differences in study methodology.
PPCM is a rare form of dilated cardiomyopathy associated with pregnancy.
Bromocriptine is being used as adjunct to block the 16kDa receptor, which has been implicated in the pathogenesis of PPCM, in order to recover left ventricular function.
3 In our case, we aimed to present the diagnosis and treatment of PPCM.
The researchers believed that since angiogenesis and relaxin-2 pathways are altered in PPCM, the biomarkers ratio of these two pathways, placental growth factors/sFlt-1 and relaxin-2, could be utilised to detect PPCM among peripartum women.
To the group's surprise, the testing found that about two-thirds of the women with PPCM shared a genetic mutation on chromosome 12.
The standard initial evaluation of clinically suspected PPCM includes chest radiography, electrocardiography (ECG), laboratory analysis, and echocardiography.
PPCM is a disease of uncertain aetiology, characterized by left ventricular systolic dysfunction and symptoms of heart failure.
In addition, there have been a few reports on the genetic bases of familiar PPCM (7-18).
Now, we consider parts as original set of variables and correlation matrix, PPCM showing the correlation between each pair of parts.