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PPCPParent Perception of Child Profile
PPCPPlanned Parenthood of Central Pennsylvania (family planning)
PPCPPrincipal Preparation and Certification Program (Texas)
PPCPPocket PC Phone
PPCPPowerPC Platform
PPCPPharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (pollutant category; US EPA)
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PPCPs found include: "antibiotics, hormones, painkillers, antidepressants, and an array of other medications .
Encourage nursing educators to include environmental concerns about PPCPs at all educational levels.
While the concentration of PPCPs in the environment is very low, researchers and policy makers in Canada and internationally have expressed a concern that these chemicals have the potential to harm ecosystems and human health over the long-term.
PPCP includes programs providing employment, substance abuse recovery, math and literacy skills, and housing services.
This paper focuses on the current status of PPCPs in surface water in some European countries and the opportunities for managing risk and to develop a management strategy which describes the current policies and procedures to protect public health and to minimize the environmental risks associated with PPCPs in the Romanian environment.
Encouraged by the results," PPCP extended the program in August 1958 into Homewood-Brushton, a predominantly poor, black neighborhood.
The PPCP also is designed to protect its owners' investment in older software and hardware.
The extent to which PPCP as a whole was effective in reducing recidivism;
What can be learned about the evolutionary conservation of PPCP targets across species and life stages in the context of potential adverse outcomes and effects?
In addition to the federally subsidized PPCP physicians, OHIP is targeting any other physician practice that is interested in receiving the same level of EHR services from their skilled consultants.
These improvements allow RECs to build longitudinal statistics across their entire Priority Primary-Care Provider (PPCP) client pools, contact PPCPs individually or as a group, report planning status (EHR short-list picked, demo and site visit completed, RFP issued, and EHR selected).
These compounds are among the PPCP (pharmaceutical and personal care product) category of contaminants that, when excreted, make their way into surface and groundwater, wastewater treatment plants, and, eventually, back into drinking water supplies.