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PPCPParent Perception of Child Profile
PPCPPlanned Parenthood of Central Pennsylvania (family planning)
PPCPPrincipal Preparation and Certification Program (Texas)
PPCPPocket PC Phone
PPCPPowerPC Platform
PPCPPharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (pollutant category; US EPA)
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many PPCPs report a significant lack of behavioral health training during residency (Williams, Klinepeter, Palmes, Pulley, & Foy, 2004), and brief lectures on how to engage in psychosocial discussions with patients and provide concrete solutions have not proven to be consistently effective in skill acquisition (Brown, Riley, & Wissow, 2007).
Se presento un comportamiento similar para los valores promedios, con una diferencia entre los tratamientos PP y PPCP de 0,54 [+ or -] 0,05 ppm.
To see the distribution of parents' agreement on the contribution of play, the mean of PPCP was grouped into three agreement levels.
How can effects from long-term exposure to low concentrations of PPCP mixtures on non-target organisms be assessed?
Encourage research on PPCPs to include increasing bioactivity of medications, environmental impact of PPCPs, minimization of industrial waste, system of prescribing and dispensing pharmaceuticals, and the disposal of PPCPs (Becker, 2010).
The human risk of long-term exposure to very low concentrations of PPCPs in drinking water is essentially unknown.
The second data source was the PPCP service provider records that were regularly forwarded to the DOC as required by contract.
Dedicated" citizens "planning for a better future" embraced PPCP as part of the revitalization effort.
PPCP machines will run current Power Mac software as written.
PPCP ratings were recoded on a 4-point Likert-type response scale (1 = "Strongly Disagree" to 4 = "Strongly Agree").
These compounds are among the PPCP (pharmaceutical and personal care product) category of contaminants that, when excreted, make their way into surface and groundwater, wastewater treatment plants, and, eventually, back into drinking water supplies.