PPCPSPharmaceutical and Personal Care Pollutants
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many PPCPs report a significant lack of behavioral health training during residency (Williams, Klinepeter, Palmes, Pulley, & Foy, 2004), and brief lectures on how to engage in psychosocial discussions with patients and provide concrete solutions have not proven to be consistently effective in skill acquisition (Brown, Riley, & Wissow, 2007).
Unfortunately, for the vast majority of these poisoning, there are no specific pharmacological antidotes and currently available detoxification methods are weak ( 25% PPCPs adsorbed) and poorly prescribed.
According to The Guardian, this is the first time that presence of PPCPs and steroid hormones in Antarctic seas is being investigated.
DATA SOURCES: To better understand and manage the risks of PPCPs in the environment, we used the "key question" approach to identify the principle issues that need to be addressed.
Encourage research on PPCPs to include increasing bioactivity of medications, environmental impact of PPCPs, minimization of industrial waste, system of prescribing and dispensing pharmaceuticals, and the disposal of PPCPs (Becker, 2010).
50] de los PPCPs y sus log Kow, solubilidad y % excretado del PPCPs.
PPCPs can enter the environment (in surface water, groundwater and even in drinking water) when PPCP residues in treated sewage effluent (or in terrestrial run-off or directly discharged raw sewage) are released from sewage treatment systems.
They have detected PPCPs in locations as varied as alpine lakes, urban streams, and even drinking water.
The qualified PPCPs will receive expert consultation to ensure the proper system is chosen, that implementation is successful and, ultimately, that meaningful use is achieved.
We report on interviews with 24 PPCPs and 8 staff/ administrators from 12 pediatric practices throughout the state about their experiences with the ECCs.