PPCRPilot Program for Climate Resilience (World Bank)
PPCRPrehospital Patient Care Report (Virgina emergency medical services report)
PPCRPhotostimulable Phosphor Computed Radiography (radiology)
PPCRProblems in Practice for Consideration in Research
PPCRProcess Plan Change Request
PPCRPanitia Pemilihan Calon Rektor (Indonesian: Rector Candidate Election Committee)
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A further US $21 million in grants and concessional finance from the CIF PPCR ensured appropriate affordability of such an investment in a less developed country such as Tajikistan and is the PPCR's first climate resilience infrastructure investment.
These activities correspond to: Component 1: Assist in the mainstreaming of climate change into development plans and planning processes and demonstrate adaptation measures in a vulnerable watershed Component 2: Create innovative climate financial mechanisms to help support climate resilience within Micro, Small and Medium Size Enterprises Component 3: Develop a knowledge management program for the JamaicaAAs PPCR
Under the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR), countries agreed to invite a set of new pilot nations, with a number likely to be selected from Africa, to come forward as pilot countries to develop Strategic Programs for Climate Resilience, national policy-based instruments through which the PPCR would support projects to build climate resilience.
The NDF support is linked to the PPCR water resources project financed by the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) and Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to supply fresh water to the metropolitan area of El Alto/La Paz.
In 2012, the IFC conducted an in-depth market study with PPCR grant finance to investigate opportunities for private sector investment in improved irrigation systems.
This knowledge management component will be implemented by SFD in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (MAI) and the PPCR Coordination Unit at the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).