PPCSPerson to Person, Collect, Special
PPCSPhillips & Polson Computer Solutions (Ottawa, Canada)
PPCSPilot, Power Control, and Signalling
PPCSPredictable Power Control Strategy
PPCSProduction Planning and Control System (manufacturing technology)
PPCSPolice-Public Contact Survey (US DOJ)
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Quantitative Determine frequency of (2009) study chronic pain, PTSD, and PPCS in OIF and OEF veterans.
Throughout this article, persistent and ongoing physical, cognitive, or behavioral difficulties lasting longer than 3 months following a mild TBI are referred to as PPCS [4].
found that in a sample of the first 62 patients evaluated at a Level 2 PNS, 97 percent reported three or more PPCS (i.
The outcome is potentially significant for purchasers of imported sheepmeat in the UK because the High Court could effectively approve a takeover of Richmond by PPCS, consolidating supplier power here.
PPCS, a farmer controlled export slaughterer in the traditional co-operative commodity shipper mould, already has a majority shareholding in added value product innovator Richmond, a stock exchange quoted company.
PPCS, a farmer controlled processor now indisputably the most powerful force in the NZ meat industry, has been trying for years to take over Richmond.
If PPCS wins, buyers of New Zealand sheepmeat in the UK will be confronted by a single powerful supplier and a bunch of tiddlers, whereas just a few years ago several substantial shippers were competing for the business, Richmond's supporters claim.
Richmond has a reputation in the British trade as an added value innovator while PPCS is still seen as a traditional producer-controlled commodity shipper, though it, too, has gone well down the further processing road.
For several years PPCS has apparently been trying to win control of Richmond, and now holds options that nominally give it the right to increase its shareholding of roughly a third to a majority stake.
Fears of imminent disruption in the imported lamb market had faded by midweek as it appeared major New Zealand processor PPCS was close to settling labour disputes which were threatening to shut half a dozen plants.
New Zealand processor PPCS was close to shutting half a dozen of its South Island facilities as The Grocer went to press.
Bidding for the quoted public company Richmond pitches Matthews back into the stock exchange arena, his main adversary in the takeover battle being the NZ producer cooperative PPCS, not long after taking his London listed operation private.