PPCTPressure Point Control Tactic(s)
PPCTPeterborough Primary Care Trust (UK)
PPCTPocket PC Thoughts
PPCTPractice Pilot Chute Throw (parachuting)
PPCTPlymouth Primary Care Trust
PPCTPlanned Parenthood of Central Texas
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In October, during a Planned Parenthood open house intended to showcase the Audre Rapoport Library to the public, PPCT officials spotted, and barred from the open house, three peaceful, pro-life visitors.
In addition to unspecified damages, the suit sought a judicial declaration that the pro-lifer's constitutional rights of free expression and peaceable assembly had been violated, and an injunction barfing PPCT from denying pro-lifers future access to the library.
On May 13th, PPCT announced that the Planned Parenthood library's ties to the county system were being severed.
PPCT has previously worked with law enforcement authorities, including the Federal Air Marshal Programme and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, on defence training programmes.
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Delta signed an agreement with Illinois-based PPCT Management Systems, Inc.
We are pleased to offer this training to our flight attendants through PPCT.
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