PPCVPartido Popular Comunidad Valenciana (Spanish: Popular Party, Valencia; Spanish politcal party)
PPCVParental Perception of Child Vulnerability
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Informacion PSPV PPCV EUPV COMPROMIS CIUDADANOS PODEMOS TOTAL: 94 16 33 9 9 15 12 Tabla 17.
El PPCV y el PSPV son los partidos que acaparan la atencion de Mediterraneo, que mantiene un modelo bipartidista en relacion con el reparto de la atencion.
El candidato del PPCV, Alberto Fabra, es objeto de atencion mayoritario, seguido muy de cerca del PSPV de Ximo Puig.
PSPV y PPCV merecen el calificativo de partidos tacticistas, ante la falta de expectativas de mayorias.
Este espacio se lo reparten casi a partes iguales las noticias acerca de PPCV y PSPV.
Nearly 90% of women in this study population received their PPCV and thus potentially had an opportunity to address health concerns with their health-care providers, including concerns that first became apparent during their pregnancies and those related to ongoing health maintenance.
Estimated prevalence of postpartum care visits (PPCVs) among women who delivered live infants, by state/area--Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System, 11 states and New York City, 2004 Sample population (95% CI (n = 18,558) ([paragraph])) State/Area * ([dagger]) % ([section]) ([section]) Overall 18,558 88.7 (87.9-89.4) Arkansas 2,092 84.9 (82.7-86.9) Georgia 1,567 88.8 (86.4-90.9) Hawaii 2,080 88.3 (86.8-89.7) Minnesota 1,511 90.1 (87.9-91.9) New Jersey 2,263 89.6 (88.2-90.9) New Mexico 1,514 86.9 (85.0-88.6) New York City 762 89.5 (86.5-91.9) Oklahoma 1,695 84.0 (81.0-86.7) Rhode Island 1,494 93.8 (92.2-95.1) South Carolina 1,605 90.5 (87.7-92.7) Vermont 1,116 92.8 (90.9-94.2) West Virginia 859 86.8 (83.2-89.6) * Test for difference in PPCV prevalence among all 12 states/areas.
Data from 11 states (Arkansas, Georgia, Hawaii, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont and West Virginia) and New York City were included in this analysis because these localities used a question in 2004 pertaining to PPCVs. In most of the included states and New York City, mothers were asked a standard question, "Since your new baby was born, have you had a postpartum checkup for yourself?.
The overall prevalence of PPCVs among women who delivered live infants was high (88.7%), but varied among the 11 states and New York City (range: 84.0%-93.9%) (Table 1).