PPD2Polydactyly, Preaxial II
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Lines with their unique genes were Mercia control, Mercia Rht1 (from 'Norin 10'), Mercia Rht1 (from 'Saitama 27'), Mercia Rht2 (from Norin 10), Mercia Rht3 (from 'Tom Thumb'), Mercia Rht12 (from 'Karkagi 522'), Mercia Ppd1 (from 'Mara'), Mercia Ppd1 (from 'Ciano 67'), Cappelle-Desprez control, Cappelle-Desprez Rht1 (from Norin 10), Cappelle-Desprez Rht1 (from Saitama 27), Cappelle-Desprez Rht1 (from 'Bezostaya'), Cappelle-Desprez Rht2 (from 'Ai-bian'), Cappelle-Desprez Rht2 (from Norin 10) Cappelle-Desprez Rht3 (from Tom Thumb), Cappelle-Desprez Ppd1 (from Mara), and Cappelle-Desprez Ppd2 (from 'Chinese Spring').
Mercia Ppd1 and Ppd2 showed lower necrosis values at the three growth stages and lower AUDPC values than the Mercia control (Table 2).
The significant line x year interaction for days to heading was due to lines with Ppd1 and Ppd2 being insensitive to photoperiod, thus having similar days to heading in both years, whereas the other lines were later in 2001 than in 2000 because of earlier planting.
The location of the photoperiodic gene, Ppd2 and an additional genetic factor for ear-emergence time on chromosome 2B of wheat.