PPDAPatrick Poivre d'Arvor (TF1 French news journalist)
PPDAPatrick Poivre d'Arvor (FrenchTV reporter)
PPDAPorcupine Prospectors and Developers Association
PPDAParaphenylenedeamine (found in hair products)
PPDAPython Powder Data Analysis
PPDAPay Period Deposit Adjustment
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Thirty-eight consecutive patients with PPDA poisoning were observed during the study period.
Lawmakers do not appear keen to pass the PPDA bill.
In one patient, pigment loss on the forehead and behind the ears expanded 2 years after he had used hair dye, showing that the effects of PPDA long after the application.
In one patient, pigment loss expanded on the forehead and behind the ears for 2 years after a single episode of hair dye use, showing that the effects of PPDA persist long after the application of hair dye.
For example, 100 milligrams of PPDA added weekly to cattle waste preserved 70 percent of the urea for 28 days.
A conventional phosgenation process is used to convert the PPDA into PPDI.
It is said that these products cross-react with PPDA, and because of this, a person who is sensitive to PPDA dyes must learn to avoid them.
PPDA (Patrick Poivre d'Arvor) animera un des panels de ces journees, et on devrait aussi y retrouver Mehdi Jomaa, Houcine Abbassi, le president de la BEI (Banque Europeenne d'Investissement), des representants de l'OIE (Organisation internationale des employeurs) et de l'OIT (Organisation internationale du travail).
We are very pleased to receive this donation," said Dean Rogers, president of the PPDA.
The PPDA Chairman Abdul Sami Khan while talking to a private TV channel said that it was the first phase of protest in which petrol pumps of only Karachi city were closed, and if their demands were not fulfilled then country-wide strike would be launched to press the government for acceptance of their demands.
Addressing a press conference here at a local hotel on Tuesday, chairman PPDA Abdul Sami Khan said that the government had not taken any initiative so far despite giving assurances to reduce gas price and promote CNG by March 9 last.