PPDKPyruvate-Phosphate Dikinase
PPDKPartai Persatuan Demokrasi Kebangsaan (Indonesian political party; est. 2002)
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AS THE EUROPEAN COURT OF Human Rights (ECHR) ruled the trial of Abdullah Ocalan, had been unfair, some of the former PKK leader's 'closest lieutenants' were establishing a new political organisation, the Party Patriotic and Democratic of Kurdistan (PPDK) and voicing serious criticisms of their former leader.
The C[O.sub.2] is refixed by Rubisco in the Calvin Cycle, as in [C.sub.3] plants, whereas pyruvate diffuses back to the MC to be converted to PEP by PPDK (pyruvate, orthophosphate dikinase), thus completing the [C.sub.4] cycle.
This politician was a member of a political party that is an opponent of the PPDK political party that emerged from the political wing of KLA (Kosova Liberation Army, the armed force of Albanians of Kosova that fought the Serb forces in the province).