PPDRPrivate Property Debris Removal (US FEMA)
PPDRPersonal Performance Development Review (University of Southampton; UK)
PPDRPublic Protection & Disaster Relief
PPDRPre-Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy (ophthalmology)
PPDRParish Professionals of the Diocese of Richmond (Virginia)
PPDRProduction Packing Depth Range
PPDRPeer Project Design Review (architecture)
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Specific mission critical networks are necessary for public protection and disaster relief (PPDR) units and critical national infrastructure (CNI) operators.
In recent years, European institutions have on several occasions investigated how mobile networks could be used to satisfy the public needs for Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR), energy, and/or operational rail communications; currently met by the aging GSM-R technology (FORGE et al., 2014; MARCUS & PUJOL., 2015).
- Public protection: WRC-03 will examine the harmonisation of the spectrum at global and regional level for future PPDR (public protection and disaster relief) systems.
* The decision to partially reserve 694-894 MHz frequencies to broadband Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) gave an official green light to LTE PPDR networks in harmonised frequencies.
It has been reported that the selective photocoagulation group (PC group) for nonperfusion areas (NPA) in preproliferative diabetic retinopathy (PPDR) is more effective in preventing the progressing of DR compared with the conventional pan retinal photocoagulation group (non-PC group).
For instance, in the 380-470 MHz band, currently used by the Ministries of Home Affairs or Interior to provide PPDR/PMR/PAMR communications, there is scope for ASA agreements that may provide for non-monetary compensations in the form of innovative broadband PPDR services in exchange for sharing of the spectrum assignment.
40 delegates from 18 European national PPDR network operators and several commercial mobile network operators (MNOs) gathered in Amsterdam for a two-day meeting hosted by TCCA.
Today EchoStar Mobile Limited, a subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation and an EU-wide licensee for an integrated mobile satellite services (MSS) network with a complementary ground component, and Thales, a global technology leader for the aerospace, transport, defence and security markets, detailed their approach to Public Protection and Disaster Response in the new white paper A Critical Tool for Europe for Effective Public Protection and Disaster Response (PPDR) Communications Connectivity: 2 GHz Mobile Satellite Service with a Complementary Ground Component.
This collaboration will focus on developing end-to-end mobile satellite and terrestrial solutions for Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR), as well as the development of specialized mobile satellite and terrestrial terminals.
Lots: LOT NO o 1 entitled: tactical Networks and terminals 1) Description Short This set is intended to provide the administration of autonomous systems cover radio and broadband services under LTE using the frequencies 700 MHz PPDR the Ministry of Interior to allow users to communicate in multimedia group and live independently to meet three missions - the mission to "contact" where a small group of users (close to each other) is on foot or by vehicle; - Mission "intervention" which brings up to 300 personnel engaged on a place of crisis; - The "event" Mission covering an area known in advance as part of an event of magnitude (eg international summits ...).
The goal of SALUS is to design, implement and evaluate a next-generation communication network concept for Public Protection and Disaster Relief agencies (PPDR), setting the ground for future public safety communication networks used, for instance, by police or firefighters.
SALUS - Security And InteroperabiLity in Next Generation PPDR CommUnication InfrastructureS - is a project with the goal of designing, implementing and evaluating a next-generation communication network concept for PPDR agencies, supported by network operators and industry, which will provide security, privacy, seamless mobility, QoS and reliability support for mission-critical PMR voice and broadband data services.