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The build-up of PPDS will give Panasonic a stronger structure to meet the growing demand in China as well as enable Panasonic to improve thegroup-wide cost competitiveness, thereby Panasonic continues to push ahead with its growth strategy in the global flat-panel TV market.
The FSA classes the PPDS as core tierone capital, a form of "pure equity".
When the MoHLTC officially launched the PPDS in November 2005, the SMH-Rekai partnership was already well positioned to care for PD patients who required admission to a LTC facility.
Given that two of the practicum students were themselves teachers who were not available to work at PPDS during the day, five of the seven practicum students opted to participate.
Through continual professional renewal, PPDS teachers and UNLV partners accept the responsibility to ensure that all students reach their highest potential (Clark County School District, 2002, p.
The meeting also approve a proposal to scrap the requirement to postpone payments to PPDS holders by up to five months if and when PIBS rates are cut.
But, it almost goes without saying, the PPDS deal comes at a price - a price that will be met by the West Brom's members.
PPDS holders - 16 City institutions in the case of the West Brom - are given the promise of a slice of future profits in exchange for regular coupon payments on an organisation's bonds.
Mati ), a development company associated with Robert Butchofsky, QLT s former President & CEO, under which QLT has granted Mati a 90-day option to acquire assets related to QLT s punctal plug drug delivery system ( PPDS ) technology (the Technology ) in exchange for $500,000.
The Web-enabling features of WinJa make it possible for the bureau to contract PPDS to three separate police agencies, providing network access to its records department for Beaverton PD, Tigard PD and Multnomah County sheriff departments.
The base model Optra E provides up to three paper input sources, and includes enhanced PCL 5 and PPDS emulations.
The high basicity of the dialkyl PPDS contributes to scorch in many compounds and may make them susceptible to leaching by acid rain.