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PPDUPLCP Protocol Data Unit (wireless LANs)
PPDUPresentation Protocol Data Unit
PPDUPharmaco-Penile Duplex Ultrasonography (urology)
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Speaking at a press conference in Tunis, Seddik announced that he has been chosen as the spokesperson for this coalition, which backs the candidacy of Mongi Rahoui (PPDU) in the early presidential election scheduled for September 15.
The goal of PPDU is to "make financial regional infrastructure projects through the elaboration of feasibility studies (economic, financial, social, environmental, impact, etc.)." The functions of the PPDU include:
The second part of a PPDU is PHY header (PHR) and it is different in the PPDU with mode switch and the PPDU without mode switch.
The preamble removal block acquires and removes the preamble from the PPDU packet.
The Library features long and short PPDU format preamble and header, channel agility through frequency hop scheduling, PLCP long/short scrambler for generating synchronization field, CRC16 CCITT encoder/checker for PLCP header and full 802.1b packet generation.
The Central Committee of the Party of the Unified Democratic Patriots (PPDU), one of the components of the PF decided, meanwhile, a week before proposing leader and MP Monji Rahoui as the front's candidate for the presidential elections.
An IEEE 802.11n system often adopts the modulation method of BPSK, QPSK, 16-QAM or 64-QAM, and for the common Long PLCP PPDU format, the length of the PSDU (PLCP Service Data Unit) or MAC frame is usually 34 to 2346 bytes.
The stream is then divided into 512octet segments, encrypted and encapsulated into serialized PHY Blocks (PBs), and packed as MAC Protocol Data Units (MPDUs) to the PHY unit which then generates the final PHY Protocol Data Unit (PPDU) to be transmitted onto the power line [2].
Together with the SHR, PHR and PHY payload form the PHY protocol data unit (PPDU).
"We were particularly concerned about the increasing level of wastage during the production process and so approached BIC's Product and Process Development Unit (PPDU) for support.