PPECPrescribed Pediatric Extended Care
PPECPermanent Periodic Error Correction
PPECPersonal Protective Equipment and Clothing
PPECPine Prairie Energy Center LLC
PPECProfessional Practice Executive Committee (auditing forum)
PPECPitch Period Error Concealment
PPECPaper & Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council
PPECPrairie Pacific Energy Corp
PPECPressurized Planar Electrochromatography
PPECPacific Postsecondary Education Council
PPECPoison Prevention and Education Center
PPECPermit Process Efficiency Committee
PPECProposal Planning Executive Committee
PPECProlonged Prehospital Emergency Care
PPECPsychic Power Enhancement Chemical (game)
PPECPower Plant and Environmental Chemistry
PPECProgram on Political and Economic Change
PPECPoorna Prajna Education Center (India)
PPECPrivate Prison Education Coordinator
PPECPublic Passenger Endorsement Card
PPECPure Power Energy Company LLC
PPECPCI to PCMCIA Enhanced IDE Controller
PPECPlan Partnership Executive Committee
PPECParents & Professionals for Exceptional Children
PPECPeople's Province Executive Council (Sudan)
PPECProfessional Power Equipment Congress
PPECPrevention and Public Education Committee (New Jersey)
PPECPennDOT Performance Excellence Criteria
PPECPikes Peak Economics Club (Colorado Springs, CO)
PPECParenting Plan Evaluation Checklist (child custody)
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The guidelines vary by state, but in general, PPECs can provide daycare services for up to 12 hours per day, 7 days a week.
PPECs are staffed by registered nurses who provide all of the medical care needed for the children who attend.
PPECs also can prevent hospitalization during an acute period of a chronic illness.
Most children who receive services at PPEC centers require sophisticated technological interventions.
According to Stephen Towne, RN, Director of Nursing at Nurses 'n Kids, shortly after the first PPEC Center was opened in the United States, independent evaluators found significant differences when healthcare expenditures of families with children receiving PPEC services were compared with control families--those whose children either remained hospitalized or were receiving in-home care.
Findings like these helped support PPEC as a worthwhile endeavor.
El PPECS ratifica la tendencia hacia una diferencia entre hombres (32 Formadores) y mujeres (12 Formadoras) con experiencia solo en nivel superior, manteniendo una propension que muestra que los FF tienden a construir un carrera academica con experiencia exclusiva en educacion terciaria, mientras las formadoras de profesores muestran la misma tendencia, pero matizada, que incluye experiencias en aulas en los tres niveles.
De lo anterior, se observa que los academicos mas productivos son los adscritos al PPMAT (83), luego, PPECN (73) y PPLC (62) y, en menor medida, PPECS (36).
Tabla 3 Productividad cientifica del formador de profesores segun mencion y genero Programa Genero de Postitulo Tema de la Publicacion Masculino Femenino Total PPMAT En el Area de la Mencion 32 17 49 Area de Educacion 16 7 23 Otras Areas o Mas de 1 8 3 11 Total 56 27 83 PPECN En el Area de la Mencion 41 17 58 Area de Educacion 5 2 7 Formacion Permanente 2 0 2 Otras Areas o Mas de 1 4 2 6 Total 52 21 73 PPECS En el Area de la Mencion 19 6 25 Area de Educacion 4 2 6 Otras Areas o Mas de 1 5 0 5 Total 28 8 36 PPLC En el Area de la Mencion 12 23 35 Area de Educacion 2 18 20 Formacion Permanente 0 2 2 Otras Areas o Mas de 1 2 3 5 Total 16 46 62 Total general 152 102 254 Fuente: Elaboracion propia.