PPETPower Plant Engineering Technology
PPETPhenological Parameters Estimation Tool (algorithms)
PPETPeople and Pets Exercising Together
PPETPost-Primary Education and Training
PPETPast Performance Evaluation Team (various government agencies)
PPETPartial Plasma Exchange Transfusion
PPETPipelined Pseudo-Exhaustive Testing (computer engineering)
PPETPenetrating Proximity Extremity Trauma
PPETPower Projection Enhancement Team (US Army)
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The agency asserted that the typographical error did not impact the evaluation and that the contract reference would remain as "satisfactory confidence." The GAO determined that the error was an evaluation mistake and not just a typographical error because the "good" rating was located in the "finding" section of the PPET. This was the contemporaneous record and it clearly stated that the protestor received the "satisfactory confidence" rating because of the "good" rating it received on its contract reference.
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