PPFAProfessional Picture Framers Association
PPFAPlanned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. (since 1916; New York City, NY, USA)
PPFAPage Printer Formatting Aid (IBM)
PPFAPlastic Pipe and Fittings Association (Glen Ellyn, Illinois)
PPFAPresidential Physical Fitness Award
PPfAProduct Profile for Annuities (standard XML format for annuity product data)
PPFAPennsylvania Professional Farriers Association
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The legal memorandum documents specific statements made by current and former employees of PPFA and tissue procurement companies which raise probable cause that PPFA violated one or all of the following federal laws regarding: I.
Reality documentary makers are catching PPFA on film at its most outrageous; protecting child abusers, aiding pimps, covering up statutory rape and other illicit activities.
Thus, even when a contract via Prime Vendor or through PPFA has secured only a marginal discount below the 340B ceiling, providers may greatly value that the discount will be secure for one or more years, rather than only three months.
was elected to the office of president of the Professional Picture Framers Association for the second consecutive year at the All-Member Meeting held during PPFA 2008.
The kicker in that particular mailing was the use of a teaser on the outer envelope, said Meredith, who said PPFA splashed across the tops of all its mailings the call-to-action teasers: "Keroack Update," or "Out With Keroack.
PPFA leader Gordon Taylor has been threatening strike action by his members because the 'deal' from the Premiership is not, he claims, quite as good this time round
Before joining PPFA, she was the communication manager for six years at Dalkon Shield Claimants Trust, where she designed and implemented strategy to communicate complex medical and legal information to 200,000 claimants in 105 countries.
The National Medical Committee of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America has recommended that PPFA obtain Food and Drug Administration approval for QS clinical trials.
An August 1985 memo written by an AID official describes how the PPFA decided to punish the International Planned Parenthood Foundation-Western Hemisphere (IPPF-WH) for signing the no-counseling policy, even though abortion is illegal in all the Latin American and Caribbean nations the international group covers.
Counterbalancing factors include a track record of generally negative financial performance and recent declines in PPFA from the state of Michigan (general obligation bonds rated 'AA-' by Fitch).
You recall PPFA President Cecile Richards' September 29 testimony before the House Oversight Committee which extended almost five hours .
Ricky Silver, President and CEO of Silver-Line Plastics, said: "We strongly believe in the program PPFA has established, which encourages all manufacturers in our industry to join us in an effort to improve our environmental footprint and create efficiencies in our manufacturing processes.