PPFCPlanned Parenthood Federation of Canada
PPFCPikes Peak Firearms Coalition
PPfCParticipatory Practitioners for Change (UK)
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Both companies agreed on the extension to allow PPFC shareholders more time to make their elections and they also stated that this deadline will not be further extended again and encouraged shareholders to make their elections.
PPFC provides various banking products and services in Fremont, Alameda and Santa Clara counties in the US.
Le PPFC est coordonne par le directeur general--Affaires publiques (Programme des relations externes), mais ce sont l'Armee de terre, la Force aerienne et les Forces maritimes qui elaborent leur propre volet du programme et les membres des Forces canadiennes sur le terrain qui font en sorte que les participants vivent une experience enrichissante.
Le PPFC est un programme non partisan dont les participants sont choisis dans l'ordre oo les demandes ont ete presentees.
En 2002-2003, le PPFC comportait trois options: L'Armee de terre en action, Vivre l'experience de la marine
Les options du PPFC etant fonction des operations militaires, elles sont susceptibles de varier.
Poultry & Egg Association vice president of environmental programs and PPFC liaison.
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Both CABC and PPFC have decided to extend the election deadline to offer PPFC shareholders additional time to make their elections.
CABC and PPFC also announced that the election deadline will not be extended again and urged PPFC shareholders to make their elections before the deadline.