PPFDPhotosynthetic Photon Flux Density
PPFDPocket Printed Filk Database (music)
PPFDPurified Protein-Free Diet (nutritional science)
PPFDPlans, Programs, and Force Development
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Measurements of photosynthesis at both high and low PPFD of plants in northeastern Taiwan did not, however, support this prediction (Fig.
Measurements of photosynthetic rates confirmed this prediction, although the higher photosynthetic rates when the adaxial side of the leaves was illuminated were statistically significant only when measurements were made at the lower PPFD (Fig.
Shade chambers were constructed with commercial shade fabric, one by one millimeter mesh, to provide PPFDs of 1594 [+ or -] 124, 1265 [+ or -]126, 935 [+ or -] 111, 740 [+ or -] 73, 544 [+ or -] 45, 219 [+ or -] 24, and 117 [+ or -] 18 [micro]M * [m.
They found that allelopathic effects of weed residues on corn were influenced by temperature and PPFDs.