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The Champions of departmental and club event will earn slot in 2011s Pakistan Premier Football League (PPFL), replacing two relegated team who finished 15th and 16th berth in PPFL 2010.
PPFL is a closed-end fund managed by Arif Habib Investment Management Ltd.
The number of persons permitted to occupy the technical area is defined by the competition rules and the occupants of the technical area are identified before the beginning of the match in accordance with the competition rules, " said Faisal while quoting PPFL Match No 110 between PEL and PIA.
He is now among those six players who have the honour of winning back-to-back golds during SA Games 2004, 2006 (Others being Muhammad Shahzad (Navy), Muhammad Naveed Akram (WAPDA), Adeel Ahmed (KRL) , Zahid Hameed (WAPDA) Muhammad Essa (KESC) NBP, who failed to enter PPFL League 2004 by finishing beyond top eight in 16th NFCC 2003 at Quettas Mali Bagh, but staged recovery by winning PFF League 2004 to enter PPFL 2005.
Lahore, October 05, 2010 (Frontier Star): Pakistan Football Federation (PFF)s President Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat has directed the Operation and Youth Development Wing of PFF to take care of five technical Officials who met Road Accident on the eve of PPFL match between Sahiwals Young Blood and PEL Tuesday afternoon.
According to PPFL Match Commissioner and Chief Organizer Mian Rizwan Ali, the quarter-finals Usmania v Young Shooters (4.
PFF had decided to retain all fourteen teams of PPFL 2009 plus top two teams of PFF League 2009 for the 16-team event that will erupt 56th National Football Champion of Pakistan.
Twenty-two candidates received instructions on procedures and requirements needed of soccer match commissioners by the head of PFFs competition services, part of PPFL LOCs efforts to deepen its pool to meet the increased demands of the top-notch 240-match event, to be played from September 16 to December 28 2010.
PFF, the governing body that oversees the tournament, sets rigorous fitness requirements for its PPFL referees in a weed-out process that began on 29 August 2010.