PPFPPresident's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
PPFPProvincial Physical Framework Plan
PPFPPonderosa Pine Forest Partnership
PPFPProfessional Practice Financial Planning, Ltd.
PPFPPrepared and Perishable Food Programs
PPFPPat Power Forest Products Corp.
PPFPPastoral and Practical Formation Program
PPFPPercentages of Positive Fluorescent Parasites
PPFPPromotion Planning for Professionals
PPFPPulp, Paper, and Forest Products
PPFPPay Per Floating Period
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The ability to identify follicular thyroid tumors that produce PPFP is important for several reasons.
describe and validate a clinically applicable reverse-transcription PCR (RT-PCR)-based assay for the detection of PPFP in formalin-fixed/ paraffin-embedded tissues, fresh frozen tissues, and, potentially, fine-needle biopsy samples (7).
The fact that IHC detection of high PPAR[gamma] production was sensitive but not specific for PPFP detection replicates published data (5, 9).
Therefore, a very large number of samples will need to be studied to determine the utility of this (or any) assay for PPFP in a biopsy setting.
found PPFP to be present in 62% (13 of 21) of follicular carcinomas.
The passage of time and additional studies will reveal the optimal way(s) to detect PPFP in thyroid tumors and will define when this assay should be performed.
The increased funding almost tripled the PPFP budget: subsequent program expansion provided 80 percent of parole units access to at least one of the six service components: two employment programs; one multimodality substance abuse treatment program; one substance abuse education program; one computer-assisted math and literacy training program: and one residential multiservices program.
This eliminates the need for a polyethylene sealant, which is required for traditional PPFP structures.
PPFP with Surlyn: Same as above but has a greater ability to seal through light powder contamination in the seal area.
Has fewer barrier characteristics and shorter shelf life than PPFP due to metalized biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) versus foil sealant.