PPFSPortable Parallel File System
PPFSPortable Parallel File System (computing)
PPFSPerfusion Pressure Flow Study (urology)
PPFSPreliminary Project Feasibility Study (Hong Kong)
PPFSPortable Pulmonary Function System (European Space Agency)
PPFSProperty and Pharmacophore Features Score
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This government goal coincides with APEC PPFS goal of attaining an institutionalized food system structure by 2020, which will ensure a sufficient food supply for the entire region.
Dataset Performance CNN (vector) PPF (vector) Indian Pines OA 86.44 94.34 Kappa 0.856 0.922 Salinas OA 89.28 94.80 Kappa 0.878 0.931 KSC OA 88.38 93.18 Kappa 0.870 0.912 Botswana OA 89.45 91.57 Kappa 0.885 0.908 Dataset Performance BASS (blocks) 2D-spectrum CNN Indian Pines OA 96.77 98.26 Kappa 0.955 0.978 Salinas OA 95.36 97.28 Kappa 0.928 0.962 KSC OA 94.53 96.22 Kappa 0.939 0.956 Botswana OA 95.42 97.93 Kappa 0.939 0.963 Vector: one-dimensional spectral vectors.
In the above-pictured sequence of PPFs, all current allocations between consumption-spending and investment-spending involve a near-future/distant-future trade-off.
Under the Income Tax Act, there are nearly 10 financial products, which are approved by the government, includes ELSS, NPS, PPF, EPF, post office saving instruments, bank FDs, insurance products and some others.
Undersecretary Asis Perez, PPFS presiding chair, said the policy declarations were focused on a food security road map to 2020, sustainable development of agriculture and the fishery sectors, facilitation of investment and infrastructure development, and enhancing trade and market.
The assumption that the economy is operating at a profit maximizing point on the PPF implies that at the margin reallocating inputs from one industry to another will not change the value of the revenue function.
Bloomberg reports that Public Pension Funds (PPFs) from Arkansas, Ohio, Oregon and Sweden will be pressing charges against 'London Whale', Bruno Iksil of JPMorgan Chase and Co (NYSE:JPM).
In addition, the good environment in the Latin American region has permitted to achieve an outstanding performance in the portfolio's rate of return of private pension funds (PPFs), (3) averaging 7.88 per cent, 9.91 per cent, and 3.09 per cent in 2005, 2006 and 2007, respectively.
E de extrema importancia que existam regulamentacoes adequadas e rigidas para que os objetivos desejados na producao de PPFs abran-jam a total seguranca do seu uso.
The table shows that revealing the relative sizes of the PPFs (production possibility frontiers) before the start of the experiment enabled improvement over autarky for most teams.
(2) These variables are used to control for PPFS plan cost and have been employed in prior work for similar purposes (Cawley, Chernew, and McLaughlin, 2005).