PPFTPulse Path Failure Table
PPFTPresidential Physical Fitness Test
PPFTPaper and Printing Federation of Thailand (est. 1983; Bangkok, Thailand)
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PPFT was successfully applied to the sandstone sample and farmland.
In September 2015, PPFT was applied to the well, and its effect was tested.
The hydraulic pressure drop test was also carried out to uncover the effect of PPFT. The results are shown in Figure 5.
Theoretical research and laboratory test results indicate that PPFT can be applied to different formations, such as sandstone, oil shale, etc.
1) Pulse power fracturing technology (PPFT) was designed and applied to well MYY-1 in the Maoming block, South China.
Therefore, the incident field transformed by the PPFT [[bar.[psi]].sup.(i)](x; [xi], y) can be expressed in the plane-wave expansion [18] as
This paper proposes a spectral-domain formulation of the pillar-type PCWD based on the RTMA with the use of the PPFT. The structure was treated as a multilayer structure of periodic circular cylinder arrays with defects, and the wave propagation was obtained by the modal analysis.