PPG1Planning Policy Guidance 1 (UK)
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En el sistema PPG1, la familia Botrychiaceae Horan.
El sistema PPG1 trata a los helechos leptosporangiados heterosporeos en las mismas dos familias, Salviniaceae y Marsileaceae, que en el sistema seguido en FI.
John Gummers 1997 version of PPG1 upped the ante, by suggesting that 'Applicants for planning permission should, as a minimum, provide a short written statement setting out the design principles adopted as well as illustrative material ...
* 24.2 Planning: The ODPM publishes the long awaited draft Planning Policy Statement 1 (PPS1): Creating Sustainable Communities, which will replace PPG1 : General Policy and Principles.
And while the move from environmental to sustainability appraisals has encouraged a more comprehensive assessment, their overall purpose is arguably less clear (given that, according to PPG1: General Policy and Principles, sustainability is supposed to be one of the primary aims of planning itself).
Urban villages have risen in importance over the past decade through the promotional work of the Urban Villages Forum and through their appearance as an example of sustainable, mixed-use development in PPG1: General Policy and Principles.
The starting point for the Incorporating the Character Approach briefing note is the principle set out in PPG1: General Policy and Principles (3) that `policies should be based on a proper assessment of the character of the surrounding natural and built environment', and the statement in PPG7: The Countryside--Environmental Quality and Social and Economic Development (4) advising that the character approach `should help in accommodating necessary change without sacrificing local character'.
The phrase has entered the language to the extent that it has lost its capital letters (from `Urban Village' to `urban village'), and in response to Forum pressure the Government's Planning Policy Guidance Note PPG1: General Policy and Principles specifically commends the urban village concept as a key to urban regeneration.