PPG1Planning Policy Guidance 1 (UK)
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John Gummers 1997 version of PPG1 upped the ante, by suggesting that 'Applicants for planning permission should, as a minimum, provide a short written statement setting out the design principles adopted as well as illustrative material .
Most guidance states that planning authorities 'should plan to meet', 'should take into account; or 'should consider'--language or terminology that has a negative and vague tone, a point that MacDonald (5) made about the 1992 version of PPG1, which he regarded as a 'disappointing start to an examination of disability and planning' (p.
He also announces that in the review and replacement of planning policy guidance notes (PPGs) with planning policy statements (PPSs) priority will be given to PPG1 (on general policies and principles), PPG3 (housing), PPG4 (economic development), PPG6 (town centres), PPG7 (countryside), PPG9 (nature conservation), PPG10 (waste management), PPG11 (regional planning), PPG12 (development plans), PPG 22 (renewable energy), PPG 23 (pollution), and PPG25 (flood risk)--consultation on several of which has already taken place or is under way.