PPG3Planning Policy Guidance on Housing
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He said: "The PPG3 policy has been misused and abused.
PPS3 does not provide detailed guidance on car parking levels like PPG3.
In addition to the effects of the restrictive PPG3 density guidelines, Knight Frank attributes the lack of family capacity homes in inner urban areas to a number of reasons.
On the plus side, the survey says PPG3 challenges builders to improve design standards to achieve targets for high-density living.
It is an advantage to an applicant if their land is classified as previously developed land, as PPG3 will call for its use to be maximised.
The report on housing development and urban sprawl ( entitled PPG3 ( What Progress Five Years On?
A spokesman said that the portfolio of new generic house styles in response to the Government's PPG3 guidelines, coupled with the existing six specification ranges, ensured that David McLean Homes remained a market-leading housebuilder.
The impact of PPG3 and the push for higher density development.
John Deakin, chartered town planner with Midlands chartered surveyors Fisher German, said: 'The Government has just announced that a revision of PPG3 will allow local councils to allocate land on the edge of villages for affordable housing.
A revamp of PPG3 could mean Scottish buyers head over the Border in search of affordable housing in counties such as Northumberland where the current moratorium on new housing could now be circumvented.
The proposed amendments to PPG3 (Housing) published by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister are 'Housing -Supporting the Delivery of New Housing' and 'Housing -Influencing the Size, Type and Affordability of Housing'.
Proposed changes to PPG3, due to come into effect in the coming months, should help smooth the way for people to obtain planning permissions for housing developments on existing industrial sites.