PPG3Planning Policy Guidance on Housing
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He said: "The PPG3 policy has been misused and abused.
PPS3 does not provide detailed guidance on car parking levels like PPG3.
Although draft PPS3 is an improvement on PPG3 in that it at least proposes a range of densities which vary by location, it does so only by substantially increasing the range of densities overall.
In addition to the effects of the restrictive PPG3 density guidelines, Knight Frank attributes the lack of family capacity homes in inner urban areas to a number of reasons.
On the plus side, the survey says PPG3 challenges builders to improve design standards to achieve targets for high-density living.
Pierre Williams, spokesman for the House Builders Federation, said: "The reason why houses are getting smaller is more recently due to the Government directive PPG3 which aims to increase the density of housing.
It develops ideas that have been trailed in the two consultation papers on PPG3 issued in 20053 and applies some of the principles of the Barker Report, (4) albeit in a significantly modified form.
The definition of previously developed land is set out in PPG3 Annex C which is available to view of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister's website, www.
PPG3 promotes the so-called 'efficient' use of windfall sites on previously developed land, which it defines as a density of 30-50 dwellings per hectare.
While planners demand high density, affordable homes in town centres in line with Government planning note PPG3, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get permission for larger detached houses on the edge of urban areas which many buyers prefer.
There needs to be greater adherence to the requirements of PPG3 for higher-density walkable communities.
The report on housing development and urban sprawl ( entitled PPG3 ( What Progress Five Years On?