PPG7International Pilot Programme to Conserve the Brazilian Rainforest (est. 1992)
PPG7Pseudomonas Putida Strain G7
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PPG7 was elaborated in the aftermath of the 1988 Constitution and the first democratic elections in decades, under the international pressure resulting from the assassination of Chico Mendes.
Por casi dos decadas el PPG7 fue el principal responsable de dictar las politicas ambientalistas para la Amazonia, en una accion integrada que involucro a los gobiernos estatales y federal, agentes financieros internacionales como el Banco Mundial, la USAID, KFW, entre otras agencias europeas de auxilio al desarrollo y las diversas ONG que se multiplicaron durante este periodo (Arnt y Schwartzman 1992).
Ha tambem o Programa Piloto para a Protecao das Florestas Tropicais do Brasil PPG7 Este Programa e "financiado por doacoes dos paises integrantes do Grupo dos Sete (G-7), da Uniao Europeia e dos Paises Baixos".
When the management plan guidance came in 1992, it was not linked in any way to the revised PPG7 on the countryside and rural economy which also appeared in that year.
En este contexto nace el Programa Piloto para la Proteccion de los Bosques Tropicales de Brasil (PPG7), programa manejado por el Banco, con la participacion destacada de la Comunidad Europea y agencias de Alemania (Gesellschaftfur Technische Zusammenarbeit, GTZ y Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau, KfW), Gran Bretana (Department for International Development, DFID), EEUU (United States Agency for International Developmente, USAID) y Holanda.
PPS7, which replaces the planning policy guidance document PPG7, also includes a measure to reform 'Gummer's Law', a paragraph in PPG7 introduced by former Tory environment secretary John Gummer to allow 'truly outstanding' country houses to be built on greenfield sites.
There is often potential in the urban fringe to be able to offer a package as part of a development proposal which would constitute a positive approach to overcoming urban fringe problems as called for by PPG7. We were able to put together such a package of measures in the Angel of the North Fishing Lakes scheme.
And these one-off properties owe their go-ahead to some residential precedent on the site rather than the nearly-defunct PPG7, 'modern mansion' loophole.
One of John Gummer's outputs was an edition of PPG7: The Countryside--Environmental Quality and Economic and Social Development (February 1997).
Under government planning policy guidelines, PPG7, there is provision for authorities to allow the construction of a new generation of country houses.
He also announces that in the review and replacement of planning policy guidance notes (PPGs) with planning policy statements (PPSs) priority will be given to PPG1 (on general policies and principles), PPG3 (housing), PPG4 (economic development), PPG6 (town centres), PPG7 (countryside), PPG9 (nature conservation), PPG10 (waste management), PPG11 (regional planning), PPG12 (development plans), PPG 22 (renewable energy), PPG 23 (pollution), and PPG25 (flood risk)--consultation on several of which has already taken place or is under way.