PPGCPedham Place Golf Centre (England, UK)
PPGCPrimary Proximal Gastric Cancer (digestive disease)
PPGCPartially Purified Granulocytic Chalone
PPGCPseudo-Pseudo-Gaucher Cells (biology)
PPGCPolish Power Grid Company (est. 1990)
PPGCPreferentially Phased Gold Code
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The PPGC provides education in all areas of pediatrics including topics such as Metabolic Diseases, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Nutrition, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Infectious Diseases, Emergency and Critical Care Medicine through its General Sessions and Symposiums/Workshops.
Unlike the PPGC studies that address only a single, albeit important, audience, the studies sponsored by the World Bank and the EU assistance program for Central and Eastern Europe (PHARE) were intended to reach multiple audiences and support the elaboration of a credible approximation strategy (P3 and P4).
The institute responsible for the World Bank study, for instance, participated in a major analysis for the PPGC to support the preparation of the "Energy Policy of Poland: Program Up to the Year 2010," as well as in a study for the Ministry of the Environment that was related to the negotiations of new protocols to the LRTAP Convention.
This political feasibility component required consultation with a range of important actors: members of Parliament; officials from the Ministry of the Environment, PPGC, Ministry of Industry and Trade; and power plant managers.
To fuel a future power plant in Jenin with a 200-megawatt capacity, the deal will see PPGC purchasing around 4.