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PPGIPersatuan Perusahaan Grafika Indonesia (Indonesian graphic company; Jakarta, Indonesia)
PPGIPre-Painted Galvanized Iron (steel product)
PPGIPro-Poor Growth Index (poverty reduction; various organizations)
PPGIPhotonic Products Group, Inc. (est. 1973)
PPGIPartnership Production Group International (Hong Kong)
PPGIPlanned Parenthood of Greater Iowa
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The main reason for the declined gross margin was the upgrading of our PPGI production line and as a result, we did not produce high margin PPGI products during this quarter.
Furthermore, the roll-formed PPGI sheets are the most popular end use of Unicoil products of PPGI coils.
While the PPGI captures the distribution of growth benefits among the poor and non-poor, it does not take into account the level of the actual growth rate.
He said: "As you are aware PPGI has obtained a seizure order overnight on the cars.
Lifang Chen, Chairwoman and CEO of Sutor commented, "We undertook the upgrading of the PPGI production line voluntarily.
The decrease was mainly because of the decline in demand for our products and the upgrading of PPGI production line.
The most significant factors affecting the gross margin were higher HDG production and PPGI production.
Although the output of PPGI and pipe products were also up, their impact on the revenue was partially offset by lower average selling price ("ASP") due to lower costs of raw materials.
Sutor attends several international trade shows throughout the year and at these particular shows the showcased several of its most advanced products, such as channeled steel plates, marble-style plates, self-cleaning PPGI plates, chameleon PPGI plates, PVDF chlorofluorocarbons PPGI plates, and antistatic PPGI plates.
The self-cleaning PPGI products are featured with improved hydrophilic property and anti-contamination ability.
Furthermore, sales of PPGI and steel pipe products also decreased during the third fiscal quarter of 2012 due to the timing of the Chinese New Year, which limited the number of working days during the month of January and longer-than-normal facilities renovation, which caused a reduction of production of these products during this quarter.