PPGISPublic Participation in Geographic Information Systems
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The paper begins with a review of the PPGIS literature, the definition of PPGIS, the resource requirements and data-access issues.
Many participatory Geoweb applications can be conceptualized in PPGIS terms, for they are tools for implementing spatial information and gathering input from the public.
URISA's Special Issue on PPGIS addresses many of these critiques.
Since the 1990s, the range of PPGIS applications has been extensive, ranging from community and neighborhood planning to environmental and natural resource management to mapping traditional ecological knowledge of indigenous people (see Dunn 2007, Sieber 2006, Brown 2005, and Sawicki and Peterman 2002 for a review of PPGIS applications and methods).
This project provides a great opportunity to explore the power struggle between local communities and government and aims to address the potential to initiate a PPGIS approach in an SIA study to develop democratic decision making within the planning process.
Combining PPGIS and an ABCD approach is a fresh perspective to mapping community assets because it enables community members to better communicate their landscapes in multiple dimensions and their relationships to the land.
Around 2005, the enthusiasm about PPGIS began to fade, but the research community still had several very interesting study cases and applications implemented mostly by universities.
A more equitable PPGIS application would enable more stakeholder participation.
It often is used haphazardly in PPGIS research and confused with the notion of public participation.
His research focus is on geo-visualisation, PPGIS, and Interactive Location Based Services impacts on education and planning.
The purpose of this project is to deepen the PPGIS approach by providing information on relevant Web sites and wikis and by providing publicly available and accessible GIS training modules so that CBOs can independently develop their own GIS products to enhance their capacity for GIS-informed advocacy.
Promoting local community participation in forest management through application of a Geographic Information System: A PPGIS experience from southern Ghana.