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PPHPortland Press Herald
PPHPrimary Pulmonary Hypertension
PPHPeoplePerHour (job search website; UK)
PPHPostpartum Hemorrhage
PPHPersistent Pulmonary Hypertension
PPHPounds Per Hour
PPHParts Per Hundred
PPHProcedure for Prolapse and Hemorrhoids (hemorrhoid repair treatment)
PPHPlasmapheresis (blood plasma treatment)
PPHPersons Per Household (program ratings)
PPHPoints Per Hour (gaming)
PPHPolypropylene Homopolymer (plastics)
PPHPassera Pas l'Hiver
PPHProblems Per Hundred
PPHPerfect Phylogeny Haplotyper
PPHPast Problem History
PPHPulse-Position Hopping
PPHPertinent Past History (medical)
PPHPostage, Packing and Handling (shipping)
PPHPublic Participation Hearing (California)
PPHPark Plaza Hotels Ltd. (Netherlands)
PPHPharmaceutical Public Health (various organizations)
PPHProgram in Public Health (various schools)
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All patients between 20 and 40 years of age having single or multiple pregnancies at term with prolonged labour and PPH were included.
Aetiology Number of Percentage Patients 1 Abortion 5 2% 2 Ectopic pregnancy 150 60% 3 Abruptio placenta 25 10% 4 Placenta previa 5 2% 5 Rupture uterus 5 2% 6 Traumatic PPH 15 6% 7 Secondary PPH 3 1.
However, Calvert and Ronsmans, [10] in a systematic review and meta-analysis, reported no increased odds of PPH from 13 studies, but twice the odds of APH.
Although there was no significant difference in maternal age, gravidity, parity, previous history of PPH or cesarean delivery, antenatal anemia, and severe preeclampsia between the first and second 5-year groups, the percentage of medical induction of labor and cesarean rates rose in the second 5-year group compared with the first 5-year group [Table 1].
17) On the other hand, it has been proposed that the pathological increase in fibrinogenolysis and fibrinolysis may decrease fibrinogen levels and contribute to PPH.
At the time this study was conducted, there was only one published study regarding the use of collecting bags in predicting PPH (15).
In addition, if it is considered that the patient's period of fertility has not been completed or there is a desire for more child, the long-term psychological effects of PPH may be more significant.
10) For PPH a modified definition of the ISGPS classification was used, dividing the onset of bleeding into early, intermediate and late as defined in Table 1.
This technique has recently been used successfully in the control of PPH.
Uterine balloon tamponade was the largest segment of the PPH treatment devices market, accounting for approximately 46.
At 12:00 noon, around 117 students were being treated in PPH, 52 were immediately admitted and 65 other were under observation.
Worldwide and especially in the under developed countries PPH is the most important cause of maternal mortality.