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PPHPortland Press Herald
PPHPrimary Pulmonary Hypertension
PPHPeoplePerHour (job search website; UK)
PPHPostpartum Hemorrhage
PPHPersistent Pulmonary Hypertension
PPHPounds Per Hour
PPHParts Per Hundred
PPHProcedure for Prolapse and Hemorrhoids (hemorrhoid repair treatment)
PPHPlasmapheresis (blood plasma treatment)
PPHPersons Per Household (program ratings)
PPHPoints Per Hour (gaming)
PPHPolypropylene Homopolymer (plastics)
PPHPassera Pas l'Hiver
PPHProblems Per Hundred
PPHPerfect Phylogeny Haplotyper
PPHPast Problem History
PPHPulse-Position Hopping
PPHPertinent Past History (medical)
PPHPostage, Packing and Handling (shipping)
PPHPublic Participation Hearing (California)
PPHPark Plaza Hotels Ltd. (Netherlands)
PPHPharmaceutical Public Health (various organizations)
PPHProgram in Public Health (various schools)
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Using a video-conferencing system (which PPH likes to call "telemedicine"), a single abortionist could "supervise" many, many times the number of women he could actually abort, were he to be required to be in her presence.
The crux of what I am saying is that we are short of doctors and nurses at PPH and this is why I continue to drive home that Welsh Labour is letting Llanelli down.
8) The Institute is actively promoting a PPH ethics agenda as an integral component of evaluating population health interventions and their scale-up.
present an unusual case of secondary PPH managed by balloon tamponade.
Compared with EH, PPH is associated with less postoperative pain, reduced operative time and hospital stay and earlier return to normal activity, and a trend to improved patient satisfaction.
In the cases of PPH and PPH-160 subjected to uniaxial tension, the yield stress was assumed to be the maximum stress value since the residual strain method could not be applied because specimens displayed practically brittle fracture.
The use of uterotonic drugs to prevent serious PPH for at-risk women has the potential to reduce maternal mortality.
Assignments among the 19 moderate-sized sections of college algebra (taught by 15 different instructors) were initially random with 10 WBH and 9 PPH classes, but within the first two weeks of the term two instructors who had used WeBWorK the previous term asked to be switched to WBH.
Conclusions: Nonelective cesarean deliveries have a higher risk of PPH than women delivered electively.
Surgeons performed PPH significantly faster than conventional surgery.
For the spunbond process, Atofina offers the Atofina PPH 9089, PPH 9099, PPH 10080 and PPH 10099 polypropylene grades with different flow rates and additive contents.
PPH is a rare cardiac phenomenon, but can be brought on by HIV infection.