PPHMPeregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc (stock symbol)
PPHMPanhandle Plains Historical Museum (Canyon, TX)
PPHMParts Per Hundred Million
PPHMPatterson Palmer Hunt Murphy (law firm; New Brunswick, Canada)
PPHMPort Perry Half Marathon (Canada)
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Ingredient (pphm) Amount [8] Acrylonitrile (AN) 32 Butadiene (Bd) 68 Water 180 p-Melhane hydroperoxide (PMHP) (initiator) 0.223 Ferrous sulfate monohydrate (Fe[SO.sub.4] [H.sub.2]O) 0.0056 (metal source for redox system) Sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate (SFS) (reducing 0.12 agent) Dresinate (emulsifier) 1.25 Tamol (emulsifier) 2.85 tert-Dodecyl mercaplau (chain transfer agent) 0.42 Temperature ([degrees]C) 10 Figure 1 shows a comparison of dynamic profiles for conversion obtained in the reactor train with "Type A" policy and full of "batch recipe" operation.
Apart from the high values mentioned above, in 1996-99, S[O.sub.2] levels rarely reached 1 pphm, and most of the time remained below 0.5 pphm after the closure of BHP.
No caso presente, estudamos os modos de producao e as relacoes entre o PPHM e o PPS.
The kinks or "knots" in the function occur at concentrations of 8 pphm (the pre-1979 national standard for total oxidants) and 12 pphm (the current national standard for one-hour ozone concentrations).
...Graph 13 shows the number of hours 20 pphm was equalled or exceeded each year in San Bernardino, which is 10 miles from Riverside." The strong implication is that proximity guarantees a similar graphic result.
Contract notice: Provision of external control of pphm implementation work and initial detailed inspections of pphm and pmv
Datuk Zakaria Sharif, LTAT's deputy chief executive, had in his witness statement said PKR MP Rafizi Ramli had indirectly given the impression that LTAT's financial position and cash flow was not stable, purportedly due to 1MDB's alleged failure to pay LTAT subsidiary Perbadanan Perwira Harta Malaysia (PPHM).
The ozone concentration near the earth measures, under different environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, wind, air pollution, season, etc., 2-50 pphm.
Ingredient (pphm) Amount [8] Acrylonitrile (AN) 32 Butadiene (Bd) 68 Water 180 p-mcthane hydroperoxide (PMHP) 0.223 Ferrous sulfate monohydrate (FeSCVHiO) 0.0056 Sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate (SFS) 0.12 Dresinale 1.25 Tamol 2.85 Mercaptan 0.42 Temperature ([degrees] C) 10 There are two important partitioning methods that have been predominantly used in the calculation of reaction species concentrations in the different phases of emulsion copolymerization (monomer droplets, water and polymer particles).
Average of 24-hr p25-p75: CO, 2002 measurements of CO, 1.14-2.39 ppm [NO.sub.2], [O.sub.3],1.07-2.86 [O.sub.3], and pphm [PM.sub.10] at nearest monitoring station (within 16 km) Gilboa et al.
23 July 2009 - Denmark-based biotech company Affitech A/S (CPH: AFFI) said yesterday it obtained the exclusive rights to develop and commercialise products under the antibody programme of US firm Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: PPHM).