PPHRProject Public Health Ready (various states)
PPHRPeyer's Patch Homing Receptor (immunology)
PPHRPickett-Potter Horn Reflector
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Tang and Tang (2012) investigated the impact of PPHR on OCBs in Taiwanese hotels.
Given the need for organizations to maintain PPHR linked to organizational strategies, awakening and maintaining OCB among its collaborators, it is important to carry out this study to identify the impact of the six PPHR on OCB in the organizational context, allowing managers to better manage practices to improve results, since OCB has shown to have positive relationships with results of organizational interest, such as improved team performance (PODSAKOFF; AHEARNE; MACKENZIE, 1997), increased sales (BENZECRY; PIRES, 2009), among others (ORGAN; PODSAKOFF; MACKENZIE, 2006).
Table 2 reports the number of items, the range of responses, the means, the standard deviations, the coefficients of variation and the Cronbach's alpha of the factors that make up the PPHR scale.
For the analysis of the model in question, we performed a PPHR impact test on OCB.
Thus, we can state that the PPHR defined by the organization affect how the worker will behave in situations in which there are no rules, regulations or guidelines that describe the behavior that the organization expects from them.
2] of the six policies that make up PPHR on OCB as a whole.
01), confirming the results that showed the impact of this policy on the PPHR set.
Between the variable PPHR and OID (organizational image disclosure) we found [beta] = 0.
We were able to observe that the greatest impact caused by the variable PPHR in the factors of OCB falls on OID (organizational image disclosure) with t = 12.
The impact caused by PPHR on CS (creative suggestions) is also significant, even if to a lesser extent).
Table 6 shows the results according to the impact of the variable PPHR on the OCB variable (as well as its components), in addition to the impact of the component factors of the PPHR variable on the OCB variable.
In view of the verified results, we could observe that, in analyzing the impact of the PPHR variable on the OCB variable, both the coefficient of determination and the Student's t test revealed that it is significant ([R.