PPHSPinellas Park High School (Florida)
PPHSPlanned Parenthood Health Systems
PPHSPort Perry High School (Ontario, Canada)
PPHSPolicy and Practice in Health and Safety (journal; Institution of Occupational Safety and Health)
PPHSPikes Peak Historical Society (Florissant, CO)
PPHSPleasant Plains High School (Pleasant Plains, IL)
PPHSPosterior Pituitary High Signal
PPHSPre-Professional Health Society (University of Michigan-Dearborn)
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3Second, all eligible families will now be able to apply for PPHS flats any time, without waiting for periodic launches.
4Third, we will also allow engaged couples to apply for PPHS in advance, while they wait to register their marriage.
1700 N 1,349 Source: Authors' estimation from the micro-data of PRHS 2001, PRHS 2004 and PPHS 2010.
6) One can expect high poverty rates from PPHS dataset as compared to the rates based on the Pakistan Socio-economic Living Standard Measurement (PSLM) dataset because about half of the sampled PPHS districts are drawn from the poor regions of Sindh and south Punjab, with no representation from major cities except Faisalabad.
The second purpose of this paper is to present results that address the responsiveness of the PPHS.
In previous research the PPHS was refined and reduced in size from 64 to 36 items (Twomey, 2012).
iii) In the final stage, the analysis has used the 2010 PPHS full sample (rural and urban), and per capita expenditure is replaced by the perceived household food security.
The PPHS may be used in practice to estimate changes in various HD patients' characteristics.
The 2010 PPHS is the third round of the panel survey.
Though the baseline information is available in the PPHS, because it is a panel household survey and the 2001 and 2004 waves have the baseline information, but this information does not necessarily precede the intervention.
Annual Income: Annual income, the continuous variable, is constructed using information reported in Section 3 of PPHS (employment) and is a sum of all types of income.
Third, urban sample was added in the third round, PPHS, 2010.