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PPIDParent Process Identification
PPIDPlasma Process-Induced Damage
PPIDPiece Part Identification
PPIDProprietary Parameter Identification
PPIDPositive Patient Identification
PPIDPituitary Pars Intermedius Disfunction (aka Equine Cushing's Disease)
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Just as automating PPID systems is driving the need to convert paper documents to electronic formats, medical practices are wrestling with the challenge of rationalizing hardcopy patient information that exists in multiple formats.
We accessed the LIS to download a record of performed collections, in order to capture blood draws that occurred without use of PPID.
Yenidogan doneminde yapilan asinin yan etkilerinin sik gozlenmesi nedeniyle asi ikinci aya alinmis, ilkogretimde olanlara BCG skan varsa ikinci dogrudan yapilirken, skan olmayanlara PPID yapilmis, PPID negatif olanlara asi yapilmistir.