PPIIPower Plant Improvement Initiative
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trajeron consigo una serie de confusiones y distintas interpretaciones respecto a quienes conforman los PPII del pais.
Posteriormente, con la aprobacion de la Ley y el Reglamento del Derecho a la Consulta, se pone en duda la condicion de PPII de las comunidades, situacion que se acentua con la publicacion de la directiva (R.
Al respecto, es necesario senalar que dicha directiva marca un retroceso respecto al consenso alcanzado, que senala categoricamente que la lengua no es un elemento determinante para la identificacion de PPII.
as PPI becomes PPII after directly dropping the integral assumption.
We next intend to show thatW is a feasible solution to the linear program PPII, i.
In return, Biovail will pay an upfront fee to PPII, and is contingently obligated to make additional milestone payments for each product, including upon the filing of a New Drug Application (NDA) with the U.
The Vatican released photographs of the Pope's tomb, a white marble slab, slightly raised off the floor and tilted, with the Latin letters IOANNES PAULUS PPII, and the dates of his 26-year reign.
DoE selected the eight PPII demonstration projects from 24 proposals submitted last April.
The PPII measures the worldwide popularity of poker as indicated by various metrics.
Tom Lam, President and CEO of Poly-Pacific International stated: "The marriage between PPII and ISL will create exciting opportunities for ISL to tap into markets in the US and overseas through Poly-Pacific's extensive network of distributors in those areas.
The USAID is sponsoring and leading the PPII investment program in Pakistan's private sector to demonstrate that Pakistan represents a profitable emerging market opportunity.
To maintain the successful momentum of Member State engagement, the EuBI PPII project consortium comprises and is fully supported by all IB Members.