PPIIPower Plant Improvement Initiative
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In addition, the PPII reports that average buy-ins per entry is holding steady.
com, a subsidiary of Planet Ace Gibraltar Ltd, the PPII is the only index that is dedicated to the poker industry.
The Vatican released photographs of the Pope's tomb, a white marble slab, slightly raised off the floor and tilted, with the Latin letters IOANNES PAULUS PPII, and the dates of his 26-year reign.
The PPII measures the worldwide popularity of poker as indicated by various metrics.
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Tom Lam, President and CEO of Poly-Pacific International stated: "The marriage between PPII and ISL will create exciting opportunities for ISL to tap into markets in the US and overseas through Poly-Pacific's extensive network of distributors in those areas.
The PPII also includes two other measures; the Entrants Index, which measures changes in the number of tournament entries, and the Average Buy-In Per Entry Index, which measures changes in the average buy-in stakes for tournaments.
KIPI is a strong vital business with extensive strength in both magazine and newsletter publishing, as well as event management," said Tom Phillips, President of PPII.