PPIPPublic-Private Investment Program
PPIPPut Prevention Into Practice
PPIPPrivate Practice in Pennsylvania (Yahoo! group)
PPIPPortugal-Indonesia Friendship Association
PPIPProvincial Parental Insurance Plan (Canada)
PPIPPulse Polio Immunisation Programme
PPIPProgram Protection Implementation Plan
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5 shows the calculated number of early neonatal deaths per cause of death per level of care from PPIP, with adjustment using the DHIS numbers (R Pattison, unpublished research, 2017).
Auditing the HUMMET forms began as an internal quality-improvement project in the obstetrics and gynaecology department to provide more detailed information on stillbirths compared with those in the PPIP database, and subsequently to inform targeted interventions aimed at reducing stillbirths in the service area.
MRC Research Unit for Maternal and Infant Health Care Strategies, PPIP Users and the Saving Babies Technical Task Team.
Treasury's Legacy Securities PPIP program employed a more complicated form of risk sharing with both public-sector-supplied leverage and an equity stake.
The second part of the PPIP is designed to deal with existing
PPIP, a government program aimed at purchasing soured assets that have contributed to the tight credit market, has gotten off to a slow start since it was announced earlier this year.
2009-42 is welcome guidance to certain RICs included in the original group of nine PPIP investors.
Sure, in response to the financial crisis, the administration has offered various versions of the TARP, the TALF, and the PPIP, but all are simply short-term initiatives under existing institutions.
Using $75 billion to $100 billion in TARP capital and capital from private investors, the PPIP will generate $500 billion in purchasing power to buy legacy assets--with the potential to expand to $1 trillion over time.
Easton said the PPIP program should help unclog credit -- provided the gap between the pricing that the buyer wants to pay versus what the seller wants to get narrows.
PPIP (Public-Private Investment Program) was the apparatus created by the Treasury, FDIC, and the Fed to give government help to buy loans and "legacy securities"--mortgage- and asset-backed securities that were originally rated AAA--as part of an effort to repair the balance sheets of financial institutions and ensure credit is available to households and businesses.
Overall, the goal of the PPIP is to buy up to $500 billion in troubled assets using approximately $75 to $100 billion of existing (Troubled Asset Relief Program) TARP capital.