PPIRPikes Peak International Raceway
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PPIR reopened in 2008 after being purchased by business partners John Molloy, Guy Kathe and Bob Brockway.
But for now the Florida company is putting its cash, and some of the reclaimed assets from PPIR, into other markets like Seattle, where ISC estimates a new track it's building eventually will employ 2,300 people.
Meantime, track manager and PPIR president Rob Johnson made a game effort to turn the place into a top-notch motor-sports centerpiece that could pay its own way.
Instead, NASCAR schedulers relegated PPIR to the NASCAR equivalent of AAA baseball, offering up lower-luster Busch Series races and saving the marquee Nextel events for places like Las Vegas and Daytona.
The 2000 season at PPIR featured the Rocky Mountain 200 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series and the NASCAR Featherlite Southwest Series on May 20-21; Radisson 200 Indy Racing League, MCI WorldCom USAC Midgets and US F2000 Series on June 16-18.
Building on the existing capability and furthering the initiative, the PPIRS Program is ready to test a complementary application for eventual Federal-wide use.
Attachments to this memo provide background on PPIRS web application and information regarding the sources of data for PPIRS-SR, an action plan for transfer of data from existing legacy collection systems, actions for designated test sites and the application host (Naval Sea Logistics Center Detachment Portsmouth), and a contract provision to be utilized during the test.
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