PPIRSPast Performance Information Retrieval System (US government)
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The DoD-developed PPIRS is a Web-enabled government enterprise application supporting source selections.
The government has recently made improvements to many of the past performance tools, including CPARS and PPIRS, to provide commonality of data entry format and increase the availability of data for retrieval.
Contractors can access their past performance files through PPIRS.
While contractors should be given a chance to review and comment on past performance information before it is uploaded to PPIRS, it is wise to periodically check the database, such as when new past performance data are entered--usually annually from date of contract award and upon contract completion.
Attachments to this memo provide background on PPIRS web application and information regarding the sources of data for PPIRS-SR, an action plan for transfer of data from existing legacy collection systems, actions for designated test sites and the application host (Naval Sea Logistics Center Detachment Portsmouth), and a contract provision to be utilized during the test.
Dubowski, PPIRS Program Manager, 703-882-2188, DubowskS@ncr.
On the "Assessment Reports" selection screen, click on "Submit" to view all the PPIRS information for your company.