PPIRSPast Performance Information Retrieval System (US government)
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Court of Federal Claims refused to grant a preliminary injunction to a contractor seeking to remove an unsatisfactory past performance rating from PPIRS, finding that such injunctive relief was not available.
It also acknowledged various challenges that contribute to the low number and quality of these assessments, which include staff shortages and the transition to the new federal-wide system that integrates the PPIRS, CPARS, and the Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (Gordon, 2011, p.
Two important past performance tools used today are CPARS and PPIRS. CPARS is a suite of Web-enabled applications that document contractors' past performance in accordance with the FAR.
Past performance assessments are uploaded into PPIRS through various electronic information collection systems such as the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System--a legacy Navy program now used throughout the Defense Department--the Con-tractor Performance System, which was set up by the NIH Center for Information Technology and used by many non-Defense agencies and NASA's Past Performance Data Base.
Contractors can access their past performance files through PPIRS. First, a contractor must ensure that its central contractor registration (CCR) account is up to date and obtain a public key infrastructure (PKI) certificate from a government external certificate authority vendor.
PPIRS (www.ppirs.gov) is a Web-based system that consolidates contractor report cards collected throughout the federal government into a single searchable database.
A number of systems have been shut down and replaced by PPIRS. The Architect-Engineer Contract Administration Support System (ACASS), a Web-enabled application for architect-engineer contract performance evaluations, and the Construction Contractor Appraisal Support System (CCASS), were merged into the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS), allowing the U.S.
Attachments to this memo provide background on PPIRS web application and information regarding the sources of data for PPIRS-SR, an action plan for transfer of data from existing legacy collection systems, actions for designated test sites and the application host (Naval Sea Logistics Center Detachment Portsmouth), and a contract provision to be utilized during the test.
Dubowski, PPIRS Program Manager, 703-882-2188, DubowskS@ncr.disa.mil.
PPIRS, known in government-speak as Peepers," collects performance information from the Army's Past Performance Information Management System; the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System used by the Navy, Marine Corps.