PPITPracownia Psychoedukacji I Terapii (Polish: Laboratory of Psychological Education and Therapy; Bielsko-Biala, Poland)
PPITPerpetual Point-In-Time (Fujitsu)
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The PPIT project began in September 2014 after MARAD joined AAPA in a cooperative agreement to work together in developing a port investment plan guidance, complete with references and best practices.
overlap between the two entities" (50) and that PPITS and
jurisdiction over PSL because PSL and PPITS had observed
The court agreed, holding that PPITS did not exert sufficient control
some PPITS employees supervised Johnson, the court found that these
Johnson argued that PSL and PPITS were essentially one and the same
alter ego of PPITS because (1) PSL and PPITS did not share unified
In determining whether PPITS and PSL were alter egos, the court in