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PPKPunt, Pass, and Kick (NFL youth program)
PPKpalmoplantar keratoderma
PPKPolizei Pistole Kurz (German: Short Police Pistol; Walther Corp 9mm semi-auto designed for police)
PPKPro Curacao Party (Netherlands Antilles)
PPKPolizei Pistole Kriminal (German pistol)
PPKPersonal Preference Kit (NASA)
PPKPer Packet Keying
PPKPunctate Palmoplantar Keratoderma
PPKPower Press Kit (electronic online press kit for performers)
PPKPikes Peak Tours and Charters, Inc.
PPKPinkster Protestante Kerk (Republic of South Africa)
PpkPotential Capability Index
PPKPre-Placed Key (symmetric encryption key, pre-positioned in a cryptographic unit)
PPKParts Per Kilo (thousand)
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It is now evident that PPK thought he could rely on economic growth and appeasement of the Fujimoristas to govern Peru.
The PPK became Bond's iconic handgun, and Boothroyd's influence undoubtedly ultimately sold untold thousands of them.
Kenji uso las redes sociales para difundir su gesto y logro que todos los medios destacaran el contacto con el gobierno de PPK, mientras que la bancada que maneja su hermana hacia todo lo posible por destruir al gobierno de Kuczynski.
PPK rechazo la idea, senalando que los militares no estan formados para estas tareas.
To be successful, PPK will need to restore order for the mining sector, which is complicated.
Hypothesis 1: Preservice teachers'academic self-concept is empirically separable into a CK, a PCK, and a PPK self-concept.
Acquired PPK can occur due to various inflammatory and reactive dermatoses like chronic hand dermatitis, psoriasis, keratoderma blennorrhagica (Reiter syndrome), pityriasis rubra pilaris, lichen planus.
The PPK increased all its interest rates in a dramatic fashion from 425 to 550 basis points.
During the first electoral round PPK captured 19 percent of the vote to Ollanta's 32 percent and Keiko Fujimori's 24 percent.
PPK added that it would be necessary to continue moderate rate cuts in the short term unless a significant recovery was seen in the economy.
The nature of the PPK structure also allows FreshLinc to own the tyres, without the up-front cost of outright purchase.
c] between PPK and PPNa suggested that nucleating agent DHAA-Na was a little better than nucleating agent DHAA-K in view of the increase of crystallinity.