PPKBProgram Pembasmian Kemiskinan Bandar (Malay: Urban Poverty Eradication Programme)
PPKBParti Perpaduan Kebangsaan Brunei (Brunei Solidarity National Party)
PPKBPeningkatan Pertumbuhan Kepemimpinan Berkualitas (Indonesian: Improved Quality of Leadership Growth)
PPKBPlanned Purple Kill Box
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Molecules involved in hepatic insulin signaling, including insulin receptor substrate 1 (IRS1), phosphorylated IRS1 (pIRS1), phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K), phosphorylated PI3K (pPI3K), protein kinase B (PKB), phosphorylated PKB (pPKB), and hepatic sterol-regulatory element binding proteins-1c (SREBP1c), were measured with ELISA kits (Shanghai Yuanye Bio-Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China).
Interestingly, there was a significant difference between salidroside and rosiglitazone groups with regard to PI3K, pPI3K, PKB, and pPKB levels.
Table 7: Comparison of IRS1, pIRS1, PI3K, pPI3K, PKB, and pPKB protein levels in the liver (mean [+ or -] SEM, n = 8).